Medical laboratory technology

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Medical examination is to the patient’s blood, body fluid, secretions or shed cells and other specimens, laboratory examination, in order to obtain the patient’s physical condition, illness and other information.Medical technical examination is a technical subject to study examination methods, pathological principles and result analysis.Medical examination first, medical examination technology, now should be more popular professional.In recent years, mainly due to the epidemic situation, the business volume of laboratory has increased rapidly, and laboratory science has begun to seek breakthroughs to discover the symptoms of various difficult and complicated diseases as soon as possible, especially in clinical laboratory, challenges and opportunities coexist.Clinical examination is an auxiliary project and a necessary means for clinicians to diagnose diseases. This kind of examination is classified into clinical medicine. Biotechnology and pathological research and scientific research all need talents, with clear training direction and strong practicality.Medical examination second, medical technology examination is also a direction of medical experimental technology, a bit of science nature.Research is a technology, focuses on the experimental operation, hands-on practice, mainly for laboratory conveying cwi, partial technical, don’t walk research route, for the moment belongs to common labor, the author is not good, especially now medical inspection technology, generally consists of 4 years, learn is quite complex, to learn clinical cases, basic medical, diagnostic and other basic medical knowledge,Also need to learn practical ability, employment in the future for a long time, are very popular.All levels of hospital inspection department, CDC, import and export inspection and quarantine are in need of talents.Medical examination third, the national heavy western medicine, western medicine heavy examination, natural examination is the first procedure to see a doctor.In this age of ours, many people have a deep experience of going to the hospital when they get sick. No matter how big or small a disease is, they always go to draw blood first and do laboratory tests.The laboratory is as busy as the clinic, but as an auxiliary department, its status is very different.In general, the ordinary inspection post, strong substitutability, no technology major breakthrough platform, more like a skilled technical worker.This is a contradiction. The results of clinical laboratory are the most important basis for clinicians to make a conclusion, but the major breakthrough of laboratory technology lies in instruments, biology, computer and physical technology, which is not the depth and breadth that ordinary medical technology can achieve.The fourth examination section, the current examination medical technology, training mode to be improved.Inspection technology is a technology, not science, and most are scientific, medical science is more likely to have a breakthrough, and technology is more skilled, more skilled operation, but now ordinary institutions of higher learning, training of medical courses, technical requirements and inspection of the physical machine operation knowledge, biological science, computer algorithms, the school may not open,Modern medical examination mostly depends on instruments, which correspond to science and engineering courses, so medical examination technology is destined to be a cross-application major.The technical kind does not suggest to take an examination of grind, and the high score student in the college entrance examination chooses this major cautiously.Medical examination (the pictures in this article are from the network, if there is infringement, contact delete, thank you)(original text, code words are not easy, please pay more attention, a lot of likes, thank you)