Share guitar playing and singing score of historical Sky at the end of TV series Romance of three Kingdoms

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In the early 1990s, a large-scale TV series “Romance of The Three Kingdoms” was broadcast on CCTV. With the popularity of this 84-episode historical drama, the opening song “Rolling Across the Yangtze River” and the ending song “Historical Sky” were also widely sung and loved by the public.”Rolling Along the East of the Yangtze River” by baritone singer Yang Hongji, his singing imposing manner, transcendent solemn and stirring, the whole song emotional passionate, shocking.”The Sky of History” is sung by the famous female singer MAO Amin, with more tenderness, desolate and stirring.”Dim knife and sword far away from the horn of the drum singing singing in front of the sky with a fresh face annihilated the ancient road of yellow dust deserted the beacon border city years ah you can not take that string of familiar names…””The Sky of History” is written by Wang Jian and composed by Gu Jianfen. It is a major mode song written with the traditional national pentatonic scale. In the slow singing, the mood is gradually pushed to a climax, which is a rare historical chant.I would like to share with you my guitar playing and singing score for this song. If you want to watch the video of playing and singing, you can click the blue text link below: The end song of THE TV drama Romance of The Three Kingdoms guitar playing and singing: desolate music!Playing video screenshots don’t want to leave this page the friend, also can click the play the audio file with the score of the controlled study: the deliberate practice Folk songs with basic course refers to the guitar teaching video XiaoFeng guitar column 299 yuan to buy the whole song accompaniment is very simple, is to compare free broken chord fingering, believe that even if is also qualified for the novice.However, we should pay attention to the details of some processing, to echo the mood of the song, the rhythm is not too dead, a casual point appears more calm atmosphere.If you want to know more about xiao Feng’s guitar, come here