Zhumadian staff volunteers and volunteer service projects both won the provincial top ten honors

2022-05-26 0 By

Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions that the provincial Federation of Trade Unions and the provincial Spiritual civilization Construction Steering Committee office jointly named 2021 “the most beautiful employee volunteer” and “the most beautiful employee volunteer service project” in Henan Province.Zhang Tuanjie, the employee volunteer of our city, won the provincial title of “the most beautiful employee Volunteer”, and the youth volunteer service project of Water, electricity and Heating Maintenance of Zhengyang Construction Group Volunteer Association won the provincial title of “the most beautiful employee volunteer Service Project”.Zhang Tuanjie, since the establishment of xincai County Dragon volunteer rescue team in 2016, has completed more than 300 times of rapid assembly, more than 300 times of life-and-death rescue, salvaged the bodies of 267 drowning people, saved the lives of more than 30 people, rescue more than 120 vehicles trapped, to recover the loss of more than 5 million yuan of property.During the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, Zhang united and led rescue teams to carry out eradication work in key places for more than 300 times, covering 6 million square meters and benefiting 300,000 people, with a total investment of nearly 200,000 yuan.On July 20, 2021, zhengzhou, Xinxiang and other places were hit by the worst rainstorm in 1,000 years, which caused flooding and seriously threatened the safety of people and property in the disaster areas.Zhang Tuanjie received dispatching instructions from the provincial emergency management department, and organized personnel and equipment to rush to Zhengzhou.In Xingyang Miaozi township and Fanshui Town of Zhengzhou city, Zhang Tuanjie and his teammates saw the victims waiting for rescue on the roof in front of them. Without taking a rest, they drove rubber boats into the villages and organized orderly evacuation of the victims.Zhang Tuanjie led the Jiaolong rescue team of Xincai County to search and rescue more than 300 people in Xingyang Miaozi Township and Xingshui Town of Zhengzhou, which was highly praised by the local emergency management department and the disaffected people.In 1990, Min Jiangong, a model worker, set up a volunteer service team of six volunteers in Zhengyang County, which provided the residents of Zhengyang County with the volunteer service of water, electricity and heating maintenance.Up to now, it has expanded to more than 60 people. It is the first and only youth volunteer service project that provides all-weather service to all residents of the county.Every winter, it is the high frequency of water pipe and valve freeze crack.In the face of a series of calls for help, the service station divided all the volunteers into several groups, and everyone went out early and returned late every day. The service work often lasted until the afternoon of the 30th day of the twelfth lunar month, which was praised by the common people.With the continuous development of the volunteer service project, the number of volunteers in the project has expanded to more than 60 people, and the scope of volunteer service has expanded to all residents of the county.In order to standardize management and provide better services, service stations have specially installed convenience hotlines, printed “volunteer service contact cards”, and promised the community: “Voluntary maintenance, responsive to demand”.Rules and regulations for compulsory maintenance services have been formulated.The scope of volunteer service has also expanded from the original water, electricity and heating maintenance to poverty alleviation, helping the elderly and the disabled, giving love, social responsibility and many other aspects.According to preliminary statistics, since 1990, the average young volunteers in the service stations have worked more than 9,000 hours, spending more than 10 million yuan on man-hours and small materials.Min has volunteered more than 13,000 hours.