Fenglin town: safe heating, warm winter

2022-05-27 0 By

Jiujiang News (Fang Can quanbin) Since the beginning of spring, continuous rain and snow weather, cold weather, people warm themselves by fire, increase in electricity, in order to prevent all kinds of safety accidents caused by heating, further improve the area of the people’s awareness of winter safety heating, maintain social harmony and stability.On February 9, fenglin town emergency management joint town law enforcement brigade in the area to carry out winter safe heating knowledge publicity activities.During the activity, the staff sent out twelve leaflets for safe heating in winter to remind the people in the area of the cold weather in winter, and the frequency of using coal stoves, charcoal fires, electric blankets and electric heaters at home increases, so we must pay attention to safety when heating.If it is to use the traditional way of heating must be cautious of carbon monoxide poisoning;If it is to use electricity for heating, be sure to unplug the electrical plug when you go out.The staff also combined with typical cases of heating accidents around the region to alert the local people to learn from experience and lessons, improve the awareness of heating safety, and constantly strengthen the safety knowledge and the learning of emergency methods in the case of accidents.More than 500 leaflets were distributed during the event.Through the winter heating safety into the home publicity activities, not only to remind the masses to do a good job in winter heating safety work, but also improve the safety awareness of the masses and the ability to prevent and save themselves.In the next step, Fenglin town will increase publicity efforts, combine online and offline publicity methods, popularize winter heating and fire and electricity safety knowledge within the area, and create a good environment of “safe heating, warm winter”.