Yuan snack 110 thousand people travel Changchun car ice and snow carnival!Did you go?

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On February 15, the 15th day of the First lunar month, the Changchun Motor Snow and Ice Carnival welcomed the last day of the opening of the park.A massive “double million” fireworks display lit up the city’s night sky.Visitors watch a fireworks show.According to the organizers, the number of people on the scene exceeded 110,000, and the new media platform showed more than 70 million times in 24 hours.Changchun Auto Snow and ice Carnival.In addition, due to the seasonal change and the overall planning of the park, Changchun Auto Ice and Snow Carnival officially closed on February 16th.Changchun Auto Snow and ice Carnival.As a public welfare project, the Changchun Auto Snow and Ice Carnival officially opened on December 30, 2021. Hundreds of thousands of tourists came here to watch fireworks, ice lanterns and performances, and to light up their hopes for the New Year.(End) This article is the exclusive original jilin NEWS, works without the authorization of the unit, prohibit copying and forwarding, infringement will be investigated!China News · Jilin Reporter: Gao Longan Editor: Zhao Ziyan Hotline email: 52280652@qq.com