Farmers who have land in the countryside have a new idea for 2022, and a good news to tell you

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“In 2022 on rural communities and provide you with a new way of thinking, the land originally can also use these years, so the environment is bad, the more at the bottom of the masses, the more difficult ah, over the years, many rural friends to living in big cities for work, I have to go home to, or abandoned, otherwise, the lease is large, the rent,We don’t say, we all know that nothing is enough, even idle is idle, it is better than idle, many people may think ah, rural people have land ah, feel that land, at least spring planting and autumn harvest food to eat.But in fact, a year harvest of an acre of land, which is 1000 RMB, in a busy can also serve a few acres of land, is take ten acres of field to calculate, the year is ten thousand yuan, is expected to, hard, want to make money in agriculture is not easy, but, the broad masses of farmers friend also need not so worried now, over the years,Policies are strongly supporting the countryside.Urban and rural areas have become more closely integrated, and the land in our hands has actually become more useful.First of all, now a lot of people in the city love to the countryside, rural money can not buy good things, that is, green mountains and clear water, good mountains and good water, as well as pure natural fruits and vegetables, healthy and nutritious poultry meat.Say so, now a lot of city oppidan, also can invest to the countryside designedly, change homestay for instance, do farmhouse happy.If there are city people who want to rent our land, or cooperate with us to get goods, it is a very good business.In addition, we find ah, now a lot of hype fruit called an explosion of fruit fruit, peach and apple are so common, surface ruptures of the fruit, also does not guarantee that inside for worm, family business is marketing natural label, the result can be fired to a dozen pieces of 1 catty, in fact, in the country is nobody’s business, no one asked,Different fruits ah, can only say that a popular era, a few years ago all like those big and beautiful fruits and vegetables, these years on the contrary, there are insects on the leaves of vegetables, people still like this pure natural green agricultural products is certainly a direction benchmark in the future.For example, if you have a farmer friend’s family, you are engaged in related agricultural products industry, you can also learn about the market demand, what is easy to sell what is expensive, we will sell what.Don’t be silly, the light knows kind, other what all ignore, you say I say right?If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up, encourage and support me, follow me and take you to understand a happy life.