Net red shop, still can “red” how long

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Have you ever checked out articles or videos while surfing social media or video platforms?Most likely yes.Those exquisite food pictures, vivid text description, immersive eating broadcast video, always can easily stimulate everyone’s taste buds and consumption desire.I myself have also been the pictures and videos of many tanshaodian network celebrities and tanshaodian bloggers, including food, clothing, daily necessities, most of the experience is also good.In my eyes, they act as a kind of “information screener”, responsible for helping ordinary people to pick out what suits us and what we need from a sea of mixed information.In this way, busy modern people can save time and energy, and improve the efficiency and satisfaction of their consumption and acceptance of services — of course, this result is largely dependent on algorithms and other technical means of Internet platform.From a business point of view, the appearance of content and network celebrities is also an inevitable outcome of the Internet era.As the old saying goes, “Good wine needs no bush”, but in the age of traffic economy, it is inevitable that “everyone only gets 15 minutes of fame”.Especially for a business that focuses on local life, lower-cost precision marketing is crucial for its survival and development.”Only 30 Tantan bloggers are needed to build an online celebrity restaurant”, which is sufficient to show that Tantan naturally fits the core demands of local small and micro businesses.In addition, it has to be mentioned that the rapid emergence of Cities such as Changsha and Chengdu on the Internet in recent years is inseparable from the rise of the Internet celebrity economy.A large number of content to share and promote local food, scenic spots, trendy lifestyle, in the construction of the network celebrity city has played an important role.When we are talking about exploring store content and exploring store network celebrities, it is necessary to give due recognition to their important role in ordinary consumers, new business forms and city image shaping.However, it must be admitted that as tanthaodian has gradually changed from information sharing based on personal real experience to a means of commercial marketing, the nature of tanthaodian itself and people’s viewing of tanthaodian online celebrities have also changed.The root cause is not tantian itself, but in the absence of scientific management and effective guidance, tantian has appeared various dazzling behaviors in the link.For example, some online celebrities produce content that is not based on the two core elements of “authenticity” and “personal experience”, but through a variety of packaging, beautification means of fraud, excessive praise or belittle goods or services.The relationship between some online celebrities in shops is no longer the business principle of equality and reciprocity, but become “white prostitutes” or even bullying from one party to the other.And of them at consumer, also rely on honesty to be this no longer, content is king, however urgent roar roar of “cut leek”.Some online media and video platforms blindly pursue traffic effect, do not discriminate and give excessive support to online celebrities, resulting in the content of online celebrities, but misleading consumers and so on.The typical phenomenon is that some shop-visiting bloggers boast that the delicious food shop and punching holy land are completely different when consumers really go to experience them. They can only shout that they are deceived and then “anti-shop-visiting”.From the operation rules of the market economy, online celebrities only play the role of “guiding flow” in the early stage of the consumption scene. Whether the goods and services of merchants can gain a firm foothold in the market and win public praise depends on hard power after all.Without good internal skills, want to rely on the store network celebrities continue to “red” thinking, is just a kind of false, consumers will vote with their feet.However, this does not mean that many chaos and potential risks in the shop industry should not be taken seriously and vigilant.We will not only make full use of existing laws and regulations such as the Advertising Law and the E-commerce Law in institutional design, but also introduce new regulatory measures and measures in a timely manner to address both the symptoms and root causes of new problems and problems that arise at any time during regular oversight.In the context of the Internet era and traffic economy, it may be an unavoidable topic and achievable goal to standardize the operation of tanshaodian industry, maximize the vitality and make the effect benign, and achieve a win-win situation among online celebrities, merchants, platforms and consumers.(Guangming Daily)