Strawberry, be liver disease “catalyst”?Frankly speaking: do not want liver disease to come, 4 things need to touch less

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As the largest organ of detoxification and detoxification in the human body, the liver helps to discharge toxic waste in the body and maintain normal function. However, many people ignore the maintenance of the liver in daily life.And also because the liver does not have dysmenorrhea nerve, so when the liver is injured, it often ignores this kind of performance, thus aggravating the occurrence of the disease, affecting the body, so in life, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the liver.In order to maintain the liver, many people say that strawberries are the catalyst of liver disease. If you take in too much, it is easy to aggravate the occurrence of liver disease. So is this statement true or not?Let’s get to know it in detail.Strawberry, be liver disease “catalyst”?Like strawberry, a fruit, sweet and sour taste, nutritional value is relatively high, good for health, and for women, like some strawberries, but also has a certain beauty and skin care effect, but the controversy about strawberry is relatively large.And there are many people believe that too many strawberries are ripening by using hormones, so if you take too much, it may cause certain damage to the liver, which is easy to cause the risk of liver disease and affect the normal repair of the liver.But in fact, like strawberry fruit, the nature of cool, sour and sweet, can help the liver to play a conditioning effect, but also has the effect of heat and fire, which is rich in vitamin C, can help reduce free radicals in the body, maintain the activity of brain cells, so it will not cause damage to the liver.However, it should also be noted that because strawberry is a benign fruit, excessive one-time intake may lead to abdominal pain and diarrhea, so we should pay attention to control the intake at ordinary times, which may be conducive to the health of the liver.
Seek frankly: don’t want to liver disease, 4 content should be less touch 1, preserved egg for some liver upsets people, if you want to be nourishing the liver to protect liver as some preserved eggs in their daily lives, is also not recommended to eat more, although said that this kind of food is very delicious, but in the process of production may add some heavy metals such as lead element, which will cause certain damage to the body.In addition to affecting the absorption of calcium, causing osteoporosis, will also increase the burden of the liver, leading to liver disease problems, affecting human health, so do not want liver disease to find, like this loose egg is also suggested to touch less.2, pickled food like some pickled food, although it can help play the role of eating, but the salt content of this food is relatively high, too much intake, it is easy to stimulate blood vessel damage, resulting in high blood pressure.Moreover, nitrite will also be produced, which will increase the burden of detoxification metabolism of the liver, resulting in damage to liver cells, and also form the trouble of liver cancer, which will affect personal health and do great harm to the body. Therefore, please remove such pickled food from the table.3, dessert food like some dessert food, too much intake, in addition to causing obesity, will also increase the burden of the liver, because in a short time to consume too much high-fat food, will lead to digestive enzyme secretion too much, so as to affect the appetite.Moreover, it will also lead to a heavier burden on the liver, causing the accumulation of fat, inducing the risk of fatty liver and affecting the health of the liver. Therefore, it is recommended to touch less food like this.4, pig liver like some pig liver, although high nutritional value, has a certain tonifying effect, can help supplement iron, prevent iron deficiency anemia, but in the usual time to eat, also should pay attention to control the intake.Because this kind of food cholesterol content is relatively high, intake too much, in addition to aggravating the burden of blood vessels, will also lead to liver cell damage, induce liver disease problems, affect personal health, so like this kind of pig liver, is also suggested to touch less is better, help the liver slowly become healthy.Liver disease patient, what abnormality can inchoate have?1. There will be persistent dull pain in the liver area of the right upper abdomen.2. The liver will also be swollen and hard.3, the body face, hands will also appear jaundice.4. The body presents persistent low fever or irregular intermittent high fever.5. Digestive tract dysfunction is associated with loss of appetite and indigestion.6. There will be problems with the liver palm in the palmar thenar, and spider nevus will also appear in the arm.Dandelion and it is very “in step”, soak in water to drink, liver detoxification more healthy dandelion + raisins like this food material, although it seems to be a salt bin, but the nutritional value is very high, adhere to the water to drink, can help play a role in clearing heat and detoxification.And if the dandelion and raisins together, the two are also very in tune, in nourishing the liver and detoxifying this effect is significant, can help nourish the body, replenish qi and blood, at the same time can help promote the discharge of toxins inside the liver, relieve the liver discomfort.Dandelion + wolfberry like wolfberry has a strong health effect, and has the effect of nourishing the liver and eyes, tonifying the kidney and benefiting qi, can help relieve the irvine exuberant, insufficient liver qi problem.And, if the medlar and dandelion collocation together, the two are also a match made in heaven, can help improve liver function, promote the metabolism of toxins inside the liver, repair damaged liver cells, help raise liver detoxification, let the liver more healthy.Dandelion + lilac in life, insist on drinking some clove tea, can help play a strong stomach effect, inhibit the activity of Helicobacter pylori, protect gastrointestinal health.Not only that, if lilac and dandelion together, but also can help promote the liver detoxification, accelerate the metabolism of toxins in the liver, reduce the burden of the liver, but also has a certain effect of alcohol, nourishing the liver, protect the liver, so that the liver is healthier.What do you still know about raising liver?Feel free to share them in the comments below.