The SPC investigated and rectified 53,000 chronic problems during the education overhaul

2022-05-28 0 By

February 10, the reporter learned from the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, in 2021 during the national political and legal team education rectification, the inspection system investigation and rectification of all kinds of stubborn problems 53,000, deep-rooted problems have been effectively remedied.Teng Jiguo, deputy director of the Political Department of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, said recently that more than 210,000 procurators have experienced a profound “political baptism”. During the education and rectification of the procuratorial team, the procuratorial organ has insisted on addressing both the root causes and the symptoms, and solved a large number of prominent problems that affect the image of the procuratorial team and the credibility of law enforcement and justice.For example, in response to the public’s strong complaints about “serving sentences on paper” and “getting out of jail with money,” we studied and introduced 1,070 systems and mechanisms, including the Regulations on The Work of Itinerant Procurators of The People’s Procuratorates.In addition, in combination with the study and education of the Party’s history, and with a close focus on the people’s “urgent, difficult and anxious” problems and “small cases” around them, the procuratorial team issued a list of 922 items, which effectively solved a large number of people’s worries, worries and worries, and significantly improved the professional image and credibility of the procuratorial team.According to Teng Jiguo, in the education and rectification of the procuratorial team, the procuratorial organ has insisted on improving the wind and disciplining with the strictest requirements, grasping the interpretation of policies, grasping the comprehensive investigation and verification of disciplinary and illegal clues, further optimizing the political ecology;By focusing on special inspections of legal supervision and deepening the establishment of rules and regulations, procuratorial organs have effectively solved prominent problems such as “difficulty in filing cases and supervising cases”, “difficulty in transferring cases”, and “difficulty in reducing leave and temporary supervision”. As a result, procuratorial organs have become more capable of and good at conducting supervision and their confidence has been strengthened.Teng jiguo said that 2021 will see the emergence of prosecutorial heroes.Peng Qingwen of yueyang People’s Procuratorate in Hunan Province has not only been working on cases for a long time, but also volunteered to work on poverty alleviation.Wang Chaoyang of Hubei Provincial Procuratorate handled every public interest litigation case with his heart and heart, and was known as the “public defender”.Shi Jinglan, procurator of Pudong New Area, Shanghai created the “first” cases in the economic field and intellectual property field with diligent study…They are role models around them.Reporter: Ye Zhonghua