Traffic police in inner and rural areas take four measures to restrain “spring sleepiness” and strengthen accident prevention

2022-05-28 0 By

With the warming of the climate, the phenomenon of “spring sleepiness” has gradually emerged, and the fatigue driving has entered a high incidence period, which brings great hidden dangers to the safety of driving.In order to effectively curb the occurrence of driver fatigue driving and other illegal behaviors, Neixiang County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade combined with the actual situation, the right medicine, actively respond to spring fatigue driving, to ensure the area of road traffic safety and smooth.Strengthen analysis and judgment, improve ideological understanding.In view of the impact of “spring sleepiness” on road travel safety, the brigade carefully analyzed the current traffic safety situation and accident rules and characteristics of the area, and quickly adjusted the focus of accident prevention to alleviate fatigue driving, as far as possible to reduce the probability of fatigue driving traffic violations.Strengthen hidden trouble investigation, improve the traffic environment.Spring, due to reasons such as “spent trapped”, prone to traffic accidents, for this case, the police brigade organization to district road infrastructure, road signs marking, traffic barrier, such as pavement marking of illness, to discover the traffic safety hidden danger promptly contact with relevant departments, timely rectification, ensure the traffic facilities are complete, intact.Strengthen spot inspection to eliminate potential safety hazards.Brigade relying on GuoShengDao traffic police law enforcement service station and high-speed entrance and strengthen the long-distance passenger vehicles, large cargo vehicle, small cars, such as the key vehicle inspections, check the security alert at the same time, especially when strengthening the 0 to 6 in the morning, 14 to 16 when fatigue driving is used patrol time controls, such as to found significant fatigue of the driver,They are forced to rest, recover their strength and then continue driving, and do their best to prevent fatigue driving and eliminate potential safety hazards.Strengthen publicity and education, improve safety awareness.The brigade put up display boards of fatigue driving traffic accident cases at service stations and duty card points, and distributed traffic safety publicity materials.And through wechat, Weibo issued warm tips on traffic safety, widely publicized the harm of tired driving, prompting drivers to take a full rest, to ensure that drivers maintain a good mental state.( Nanyang News Hotline: 18003713016, contributed email: