Written on New Year’s Eve

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The twelfth month of this year is small, there is no New Year’s Eve, 29 is New Year’s Eve.New Year’s Eve, the last night at the end of the year.One night two years in a row, one year apart, the old and the new, is worthy of solemn commemoration.There are various forms of commemoration, the form is the embodiment of the festival customs, customs into people’s relatives and friends of the blessing, hope for a better life.On New Year’s Eve, traditional customs have been retained, such as ancestor worship, staying up, New Year’s Eve dinner, pasting Spring Festival couplets, hanging lanterns, setting off firecrackers, giving children New Year’s money and so on. Later, customs have been added to watch the Spring Festival Gala, see lanterns, online New Year’s greetings and so on.Many places are now forbidden to burn fireworks, the flavor of the New Year is weak.But the Spring Festival is not just a sound, there are lights, there are reunion, there are emotions.People who work outside come back home one after another.New Year’s Eve is the busiest and most ceremonial day from morning till night.The first thing I do early in the morning is to invite my ancestors home for the Spring Festival.To the graveyard on the ancestors please, commonly known as please master and grandmother, with a few pillars of incense, a few ingots and firecrackers, on the graveyard light incense, pray a few words such as please them to go home for the New Year, you can go home or memorial tablets.Ingots and firecrackers were burned and set off in tombs, as well as in memorial tablets.Bringing ancestors home for sacrifice is the most solemn way of sacrifice, far from qingming festival and Hungry Ghost Festival.Next is sticking Spring Festival couplets.Before the Spring Festival couplets are now written, now more to buy, there are some units of free distribution.When sticking Spring Festival couplets, the size of the door in the home should be affixed, but also affixed with “go out to see joy”, “full of spring”, “grain and bumper harvest” and other scarlet letters.We started with paste, and then we switched to scotch tape.Spring Festival couplets, the whole yard took on a new look, the festive atmosphere suddenly thick.The reunion dinner is eaten at noon and in the evening.Old and young, the family sat together, on the table is the most sumptuous meal.This kind of reunion dinner usually happens only a few times a year, and it always tastes different.Sometimes watching the Spring Festival Gala and eating the reunion dinner, the atmosphere inside and outside the screen is harmonious.Give children lucky money in the evening, stay up late, watch lanterns, set off firecrackers, party with friends, time passed too fast, want to seize the end of the tail, not willing to leave it.Happy New Year is originally the first day of the New Year, since the mobile phone, the time of happy New Year has gradually advanced the trend.It used to be from five more New Year’s Greetings, and then after zero there are text messages New Year’s greetings, and then has entered the New Year’s Eve, the morning can’t wait to pay New Year’s greetings to relatives and friends.On weekdays few contact, also often send a New Year’s eve message.Today is New Year’s Eve, I sent a message to my friend on wechat about the Year of the Tiger, and immediately a cute little tiger ran out, which was a surprise.On the occasion of New Year’s Eve, happy New Year to relatives and friends!It can be said that the ox resignates the old year, the tiger roaring wind to welcome the New Year!Wish you and your family a happy New Year, the Year of the Tiger, smooth work, good health and all the best!