Chengmen Street, Chaisang District: “Small leek” becomes a “big industry” to increase income and get rich

2022-05-29 0 By

Into the Chaisang District City gate street Jinqiao village leek planting base, rows of green leeks grow vigorously, making people salivating, in order to ensure the freshness of leeks and water, vegetable farmers will harvest good leeks timely packaging and processing, transported to the hands of supermarkets, enterprises, vendors.Jinqiao Village, as a provincial key poverty-stricken village during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, has a very weak collective economy. However, under the leadership of the two village committees and relying on unique resources and geographical advantages, idle land has been utilized to build a warm shed and develop the leek planting industry, gradually stepping on the road of increasing income and becoming rich.Jinqiao industrial greenhouses jinqiao village industry shed leek growing strong in the early years of golden bridge village villagers, traditional planting crops on market is not very good, because traditional crops has caused many villagers are reluctant to farming, a large number of land waste, and no other pillar industries, the village is the village collective economy is very weak, ordinary people life level is low.In order to change the rural status quo, Jinqiao village “two committees” team actively think of ways to seek a way out, to the party building as the lead, explore the “open field leek + facility leek” development model, constantly improve the local economic benefits, so that “small leek” become farmers to increase income and get rich “big industry”.Talk about why the development of leeks industry, jiujiang city people’s congress, jinqiao village party secretary of the department of Zhao Dakun said: “prior to the supermarket, market investigation, we found the leek market situation is good, can sell for seven or eight yuan a catty, and the growth period of leeks and planting technology is simple, usually 30 to 40 days can be formed.After the field estimate, the output of each acre of leek can reach 4500 pounds or so, according to the market leek wholesale market 4 to 5 yuan a catty to calculate, we idle more than 60 acres of wasteland all planting leek, the output is as high as more than 200,000 pounds, sales of more than one million, except for all expenses, net profit can break through 600,000 yuan.Now, Jinqiao Village leek Industrial Park, on the one hand, has continuously absorbed the village’s migrant workers, on the other hand, has gradually expanded the planting area.In 2021, there will be more than 100 migrant villagers in the village, and the labor wage will be more than 300,000 yuan, greatly increasing the income source of villagers, while the annual income of the village collective will also step up to 1 million yuan.Industry develops fast, depend entirely on organization belt.In recent years, Jinqiao Village Party general Branch adhere to the party building to promote rural revitalization as an important task of work, “bigger, stronger, better” leek industry, cultivating the “Party building helm, able people lead, leek new” service brand.Under the leadership of the Party General Branch, the scale of Jinqiao Village leek is also gradually growing, and in 2021, it was awarded the title of advanced collective in poverty alleviation by jiujiang Municipal Committee and Government.In the next step, Jinqiao Village will continue to expand the varieties of agricultural products, explore the direction of deep processing of agricultural products and integration of agriculture and tourism, and sell more good products to all parts of the country.(Qiu Ying)