Villagers in a village in Henan province were given 50 million yuan in cash during the Lunar New Year holiday

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Luoyang, Henan Province.In Nanfudian Village, Yichuan County, 50 million yuan in cash was piled on the scene to distribute welfare for 2021.The villager Guo Lihong introduces, this village hair 50 million yuan, all come from the collective income of the village, participate in getting money is the villager of this village, according to the head on the village registered permanent residence is issued, the spot villager people queue up after getting money all beaming.This village is really, really rich.I searched the location of the village on the map and said it was the village. In fact, it was in the bustling center of the county seat with numerous supermarkets and shops surrounding it.It is a county town, about 10 kilometers away from the center of Luoyang, henan’s second largest city.The villages close to the big cities are generally very rich, with real estate, commerce and industry. The collective economy of the village is diverse, the foundation is thick, and the villagers are well-informed and intelligent. In such villages, the congenital conditions are so good that it is difficult not to be rich.Gave full play to the action of village collective, lead villager collective to get rich.Villages like this have a demonstration effect, right?It can lead farmers to become rich. Think how much money they could earn a year if they only worked in the fields and did odd jobs.In addition, this kind of money usually depends on the weather. In case of special climate disasters, they may lose all their money. Moreover, the income from farming is far less than that from working, which is the reason why many people do not want to farm.However, this village is really to give full play to their geographical advantages, to bring wealth to their village people, this may be a kind of progress, the collective power is greater than the individual, the road to wealth will become much wider, this is also the result of the collective unity of the village people.What do you think, please pay attention to the comments, thank you!