Changan CS55PLUS, Sharp international, T-ROC song which is more powerful?

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Changan CS55PLUS, Sharp international, T-ROC song which is more powerful?Hi, it’s great to see you again.Thank you very much for your comments, and wish you all the best and your family happiness. Next time, I will talk about these joyrides:Believe that most of the little brother all knew, suvs cross country ability can be said to be the stick, not only has the advantages of eating less oil, quality ground, and the power output of also is very reliable, is “the SUV” comparable, therefore has received more and more loving friend and at the same time become a lot of successful people.Today, I tell you three popular models that are recognized by the public and maintain their value. At the same time, it will also bring you a lot of knowledge that will be applauded by you. I hope you can give me more advice.Model 1: Changan CS55PLUS (low matching price as low as 9.29W +) sales: it is a popular model from Changan Automobile, debut so far its marketing vitality is of course very fierce, and Changan CS55PLUS transaction price is also attractive, has also won a large number of people’s favor and praise.It is reported that Changan CS55PLUS has repeatedly achieved good performance in the monthly sales ranking, and finally won the fourth place in the sales ranking with a proud result of 20,200 units. It is recognized by Volkswagen, well-known at home and abroad, and the dazzling top online celebrity SUV, which is even brighter than the performance of other SUV models.To be honest, there is no SUV in the world that is absolutely flawless, but I always choose to believe that Chang ‘an CS55PLUS confidence is still very good.The main reason lies in the fact that Changan CS55PLUS is trusted by consumers with its extraordinary product advantages, and no matter its overall appearance level or interior decoration and other aspects, it is absolutely easy to beat most rival models at the same level.I believe that many readers have such a feeling: if Changan CS55PLUS next to maintain the advantage and hard struggle, it is expected to the following volume of results is bound to be pleasing.The appearance of Changan CS55PLUS has been moderately improved, the car paint looks particularly unruly, and the beautiful waist line and bone sense is very good, showing the dazzling body shape like water., Changan CS55PLUS high appearance level of the locomotive, the whole gas field is also times foot, shining double line slightly up, make changan CS55PLUS high-end feeling more grade, it looks very interesting, and cool headlights glue, waist line is also very handsome, looking very imposing.Size: Chang ‘an CS55PLUS has large passenger seat and trunk space, which looks very grand.Storage space is also quite much, practical te strong.The whole length of changan CS55PLUS is 4515mm, width and height of 1865mm and 1680mm respectively, such a great figure even if three or five male colleagues sit in the back seat will not be crowded at all.Therefore, Changan CS55PLUS can easily meet the daily needs.Make a lot of old friends who know cars to give it 100W praise.And the Angle of the trunk is quite large, so you can still fit a lot of things in it.Give us the feeling is very strong, this point is good.In addition to the bright front face, low-key luxury interior, Changan CS55PLUS power performance in competitive products is undoubtedly a standout, it can erupt 188P powerful power, and carry a 7 wet double clutch gearbox, many car friends think changan CS55PLUS power assembly is absolutely very good.To meet the majority of salaried gens transport needs.At the same time, aluminum alloy is another bright spot of Changan CS55PLUS, thus providing strong heat dissipation.In terms of displacement, Changan CS55PLUS does not seem to like self-priming devices. Media information shows that the displacement version of the new Changan CS55PLUS is 1.5T.Pertinent comments: a lot of little brothers have this feeling: Changan CS55PLUS in the 120,000 or so SUV level has been the most characteristic.Appearance level is generally recognized as a prominent bright spot of CHANGan CS55PLUS, the front face is pretty beautiful and sports, looking more classy.In addition, the internal environment is another feature of Changan CS55PLUS, sitting on the seat does not feel cramped, but also easy to control, in the same price competitive goods camp is undoubtedly the te excellent.Changan CS55PLUS fuel consumption is not very high, which is probably due to changan automobile manufacturers fuel consumption control accuracy improved a lot of reasons, so changan CS55PLUS fuel performance is very attractive.In addition, my Changan CS55PLUS usually walk more urban and rural roads, at the same time, the scene of traffic jam will be slightly more, worthy of everyone to point to praise is, looking at such a heavy SUV, the normal 100-kilometer fuel consumption value is 8.2, comprehensive, still good.In competing SUV must also be able to be called to eat less oil.Therefore, I am very happy, and the neighbors have praised changan CS55PLUS fuel is excellent, but if the air conditioning is turned on in summer, I believe that its fuel consumption will be higher.I am a standard student. If I only save a little money on dating, I estimate that I can offset the gas cost of half a month.That’s a good one.To be honest, the better the fuel economy, the better the purchase.Although the run-in time is not very long at present, xiaobian always believes that after the run-in period, the fuel consumption of Changan CS55PLUS in the next stage will be lower.Professional comments:Small make up feel suspension place seems to be some good, although the changan CS55PLUS ran the feeling of commercial vehicles, however, every time go complex road, really will rush to the car, sometimes more exaggerated, and the bus luggage all vibrations go a, if your age is bigger, so while sitting inside may be aware of two PP can’t stand it.Then there is a point to improve the place is that when running at high speed, you can feel the more harsh tire noise, especially when encountering uneven and steep slope section will be more obvious, and when refueling faint feel a little time.In addition, 1. Changan CS55PLUS had obvious odor problems when it was just purchased.3. The price of the premium version is a little bit expensive. The model 2 Sharp range is between 169,800 and 218,800.The front face of Ruiji is very high-end, more distinctive, like a bull’s eye, the style of the net is quite powerful, it looks more handsome, and the door handle position of Ruiji is decorated with a lot of long Anford family characteristics of chrome elements, running turn lights and headlights are quite good-looking, look quite beautiful at night.Moreover, the movement of the side body is particularly obvious, and there are also colorful assembly lines, which dive directly from the rear position to the front, emphasizing the sense of movement of Changan Ford products.And the sharp gloss is better, the whole special eye.It can be said that sharp international no matter where to go very eye-catching.The tail uses bilateral single exhaust modelling, and is equipped with two unique LED taillight phase line, looked up more handsome, so, many car friends have this feeling: sharp appearance design is more good-looking.My former bestie bought this Riji probably for its beautiful appearance.Famous car critic CAI big sister so evaluation sharp: whenever in the hands of the disposable silver is not too abundant, will go to the terminal store test drive, at present I feel cash sharp sound insulation effect is very in place, open up very quiet, although the weight is so heavy, and so long, but the performance is very good.Appearance comments: T-ROC Explorer is not arrogant, very simple, family-style style grille and below the wheel hub are smoked black, very handsome.In addition, t-ROC probe song of the front face position of the headlamp modeling is particularly swagger, T-ROC probe song chassis is very low, relatively smooth, a small pit and bay line section is also particularly smooth.There is no need to lock the lines of the body, there are also luxury SUV used to match the wheels, looking very high-end.In addition, the LED taillights are also quite beautiful when lit.Very good, at the same time in the details are also very good, give me a very simple feeling.Many people also feel that T-ROC explorer can be said to be a relatively popular SUV models.Interior advantage of the car’s interior modeling is really done very delicate, with full materials, a good workmanship, small error, and the rotation button and the entity button completely did not appear loose and collapsed phenomenon, this is my t-ROC song to explore the evaluation of the point.In addition, the STEERING wheel of the T-ROC probe is made of leather materials, with a strong shape and sensitive steering, which effectively improves the safety of the whole car.In addition, the back of the T-ROC song is very soft and comfortable, and the support is very good. The interior padding of the seat is mainly made of soft high-quality fabrics. The author feels that the T-ROC song seat is quite comfortable.I bought the T-ROC probe to make small and medium greets, and client executives say they feel very comfortable in them.Meanwhile, T-ROC has not found a single odor problem so far.And the noise in the car is not detectable at all.So driving for a long time is not a problem.The explosive power of T-ROC song is undoubtedly unspeakable.Is simply cool stay, the power does not drag, once willing to give oil, you can instantly overtake.And the driving experience is quite comfortable.The noise reduction effect is also particularly in place, t-ROC song speed up process will feel quite quiet, this detail is particularly good.It is worth mentioning that since the original power has been very great, and I mostly attendance, so there is no need to change the T-ROC song detection power too much.Car friends comment 1: Among these SUVs, MY favorite is the appearance of T-ROC probe, nearly 5m long length, the big light set unique style, brightness is not a problem.At the same time T-ROC probe song in the net avant-garde modeling is still very good, decorated with delicate chrome material, there are also very shining LED headlights, look particularly fashionable and beautiful, T-ROC probe song wheel is faW-Volkswagen original factory, size is also very coordinated, modelling is very grounding gas.It’s not as flashy as some of the usual models.Look at the side is very visual sense, the front bumper is particularly cute, for a unique big mouth shape, more eye-catching than the price of similar competing products.In addition, I was pleasantly surprised by its distinctive low noise effect, the screen is quite large, easy to look at the navigation.In a word, the price of T-ROC songs is quite good, high matching versions are less than 200,000 votes can be clinched, very reliable without any criticism.Car Friends comment 2:I do watch industry, so it is very good face, common cars I do not look at, but since the T-ROC song, EVERY time I go out with my wife, children, or business, I feel very “face”, touch the steering wheel feeling, at the same time the sense of science and technology is also very full.My kids out there always ask me what the hell is a T-ROC song?I told you t-ROC scout was the best ride for your dad.Another is the feeling of operation, sometimes talking about business is very tired, want to have a good rest when driving, this car can be said to have met my driving needs and desires.Car friends comment 3:Satisfied, I T – ROC song evaluation, of course, is very satisfied, not only good cost performance, and comfort is very good, I grew up like a car, after a long struggle, finally is to buy a T – ROC song, ride comfort, open also taste wonderful, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, and its consumption is not high also,It definitely satisfies a lot of my needs.T-roc probe song power is very sufficient, T-ROC probe song opened like an electric car, the control is not said, t-ROC probe song main competitiveness lies in the control, especially in high speed corners can obviously feel the advantages of driving after.Xiaobian comments on today’s list of these models, the price is different, it is worth paying attention to is that the standard price of SUV models and the final terminal price is not the same, among them Changan CS55PLUS, Ruiji, T-ROC Song of the lowest domestic terminal price as low as 105,900, 144,800 and 113,900 respectively.I do not know how to look at changan CS55PLUS or T-ROC song?Here, I sincerely wish all my dear friends all the best and a happy life.If you like above content, might as well one key three connect.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Car Xiao Wang