“Clear” words quick | rural “cure toilet” out of civilization a big step

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“Two bricks in one pit, three feet of earth wall around the four sides, hanging a piece of rag as the curtain, the wind blowing cloth shaking the smell of heaven…”This is the true portrayal of rural toilet before.Improving the rural living environment is a tough battle to implement the rural revitalization strategy.Small toilets are important to people’s livelihood.Since 2018, Xiaogou Village, Anliu Town, Qingzhen City has always taken toilet renovation as an important livelihood project, earnestly implemented the task of toilet renovation, and promoted the in-depth development of rural toilet revolution through propaganda and mobilization, building “model rooms”, strictly adhering to quality standards and other powerful measures.Originally, rural toilet “can not go in, taste big;Squat down, mosquitoes;It’s not safe, there’s no door. “To this day, the toilet is fitted with ceramic squatting toilets and flushing tanks, and the dado and floor are tiled.”Treating toilets” not only makes the environment cleaner and tidy, but also leads the villagers to a modern, civilized and healthy new life.The toilet corner reflects the level of public service and social civilization. It is a basic project, a health project, and a civilized project.Small toilet changed into big sanitation.”Well-off or not, the toilet counts as one pile.”Before too much trouble, the villagers are not willing to change, see the transformation of the new toilet, clean, beautiful, safe, convenient, now everyone is very active, fighting to change.Over the past 2018 years, qingzhen do so miao village “toilet revolution” as people’s livelihood engineering to grasp, according to the point with surface, the overall promotion, the working train of thought of rape, took to the streets in the village first pilot better selection basis, promoting rural toilet reform pilot work, combined with the rural environment improvement and water conservancy work, synchronous implementation village sewage treatment engineering.The toilet renovation not only changed the environment, but also imperceptibly changed the villagers’ sanitary habits, changed the new look of the beautiful countryside, the new life of the rural people, and the new atmosphere of civilization and health.A small toilet requires great wisdom.In the construction of the promotion, to set out from the reality, to the villagers as the main body, according to local conditions, based on the level of local economic development and basic conditions, appropriate water water, appropriate drought, appropriate household household, appropriate concentration is concentrated, do not make a uniform cut, do not make layers of code, put an end to the “image project”.On planning management, want to put the “toilet” in the background of rural living environment improvement and development planning, give full consideration to the local urbanization, population flow characteristic and the peasants demand, overall consideration of sewage treatment, public service system, waste disposal and resource recovery utilization in many aspects, such as integrated propulsion.Small toilets measure satisfaction.Rural toilet is built for common people after all, common people full dissatisfied just is final measure standard.We should stand at the height of rural revitalization, effectively promote the rural toilet revolution as an important project to “do practical things for the people”, do good things to carry on, a small victory into a big victory, constantly improve the rural living environment, improve the quality of life of farmers, and create conditions for further revitalization of rural areas.