I can’t see your faces, but they must be beautiful

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Source: People’s Daily Online – Fujian channel original manuscript Licheng volunteer.They are different ages, different professions, in the face of the epidemic, but the same without turning back, brave retrograde!They are volunteers of Licheng In Quanzhou.The striking waistcoat on the body is the most beautiful red line against the epidemic.They let the light of volunteer once again, illuminate li Cheng, warm people’s hearts.Ms. Wu, a volunteer husband and wife team, delivers drinks to the epidemic prevention workers.At 4:00pm on The 15th, Ms. Wu, a merchant in Linjiang Street district, Licheng District, Quanzhou City, came to the nucleic acid sampling site of Xi Ting community and sent 30 drinks to the epidemic prevention workers to refuel and “charge” them.Ms. Wu, who runs a bookstore opposite quanzhou No. 7 Middle School with her husband, left behind not only her drinks, but also herself.”Seeing volunteers working so hard, I want to do my part to ease their burden.”Wu said that her health has not been good, and her family did not agree with her to volunteer, but she still stuck to her idea, “I may not be able to help much, but I want to do something.”Ms. Wu’s husband is also a volunteer, participating in the anti-epidemic volunteer activities organized by Quanzhou No. 7 Middle School.”After he knew I was volunteering, he would call from time to time to tell me to take care of my health.”As the couple both volunteered, Wu sent her daughter, a sophomore in high school, to a friend’s home, “hoping that the epidemic would end soon and our lives would return to normal as soon as possible.”The Shamrock is here, the Shamrock volunteer team.”Keep everyone a meter apart.””Please open the health code first, take a temperature!”In quanzhou City tongzheng Central primary school nucleic acid sampling site, there is such a special team – “Clover” volunteer team, they have community residents, retired soldiers, rescue team members, these days, they take turns stationed at the sampling site, busy day and night.Last year, The Kaiyuan Street organization recruited a group of volunteers to form the “Shamrock” volunteer team. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the volunteers came out at the first time. They all said that they would go where there was need and would obey the command and be there at any time.”The shamrock is a symbol of hope that we can defeat the epidemic at an early date.”Kaiyuan street Party working committee publicity member Lin Fei said.Zhu Jiajing (second from left) registers the information.At the nucleic acid sampling site of Daoxiting community, Linjiang Street, Zhu Jiajing, a member of the community’s two committees, is busy helping people input information. This is not the first time Zhu jiajing has been involved in prevention and control work.In September last year, she and her son Zheng Dejun also participated in the volunteer work of epidemic prevention and control, which won many netizens’ praise.Liu Fengying (left) is serving residents.It is worth mentioning that this year, in addition to the two of them, Zhu jiajing’s 65-year-old mother, Liu Fengying, also joined the volunteer service team for epidemic prevention and control in Licheng District, responsible for maintaining order at the scene.”Influenced by my daughter and grandson, I joined the volunteer service team this year, hoping to exert my spare energy to maintain order at the site.”Liu fengying told reporters that although the weather is hot and there are many people waiting in line, most people can queue up and wait in an orderly way. As long as everyone actively cooperate, she believes that the epidemic will eventually disappear.At present, the recruitment of volunteers for epidemic prevention and control reserve in Licheng District is under way. Citizens can log on to “Fujian Volunteer Service Network” (www.fjvs.org) to find the project of volunteers for epidemic prevention and control emergency Reserve in all streets and communities in Licheng District to sign up.(Huang Kaijie and Wu Qiuyu)