Renderings exposed!This area of Kunming will be built into a high-tech industry demonstration area

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On February 14, kunming Natural Resources and Planning Bureau issued the guidelines for urban space optimization and Urban Style Design of Majinpu District, High-tech Zone.It is worth noting that the planning renderings of Ma Jinpu Central Park have also been exposed.The planning content shows that there are gaoxin Avenue, Lanmo Line, Gaodeng Street, Liangfeng Road, etc., with convenient transportation and superior ecological conditions.However, ma Jin Shop also has some problems, such as low industrial level, lack of overall city style and color guidance, and lack of effective activation of high-quality culture such as historical and cultural resources.According to the new regulations, Majinpu will be positioned as “intelligent Ruyi Valley, industrial Park City”, and build a high-tech industry demonstration zone integrating industrial landscape in southwest China.The whole new area will be divided into four areas for development: urban business style area, traditional culture style area, modern residential style area and intelligent manufacturing style area.In terms of architectural style, the new regulations require the building to reduce the sense of pressure on the urban environment as far as possible, advocate fresh and lively main color, specifically: business office buildings will use light gray, light blue;Residential buildings adopt warm yellow, yellow gray system;Industrial buildings adopt simple and efficient light gray system to create an urban style area that reflects efficient and simple modern industrial manufacturing atmosphere.This planning result will control and guide the architectural style and architectural color, urban road, important axis, open space, important node and gateway area of the planning area from three dimensions of “area”, “line” and “point”.Aerial view of the picture — overall style guidance (architectural style + architectural color) Starting from the architectural style, color, material and other design elements, stipulate the common rules to comply with, in order to ensure the coordination of buildings, strengthen the overall image characteristics of the region.Line — urban axis and corridor guide (important road axis) through the design of street space, street architectural style, intersection and other street space elements, to create a continuous overall, lively atmosphere of urban road landscape and space experience.Points — Important nodes and gateway space Seven nodes for guiding urban style: three gateway landscape nodes, gateway welcoming node, regional center node, production and research style node, and public vitality node.The 7 feature nodes in the above planning are worth paying attention to, namely, 3 gateway landscape nodes, portal welcoming node, regional center node, production and research feature node, and public vitality node.Among them, the western gateway node is located at the intersection of Kunyu Expressway and Macheng Road.In the gateway area, landscape structures and activity squares highlight the sense of gateway and form a rich ecological landscape space.The eastern gateway node is located at the intersection of Cheng Cheng Expressway and Ma Cheng Road.The triangular plot at the expressway entrance and exit position and S102 intersection area is planned as the gateway exhibition space, and the entrance square and small landscape structure as the welcoming image of the area.The intersection of Gaoxin Avenue and Macheng Road is the central node of the region. The architectural style will combine traditional and modern to create a quiet and distant style.In the planning, historical and cultural villages will be preserved on the east side of Gaoxing Avenue, mainly with traditional style buildings, while the west side, as commercial and residential functions, will be mainly with modern fashion style.It is worth mentioning that the area is also planned to have subway Line 9, central Park and other heavy supporting facilities.With the landing of the new regulations, the livable function of Majin Shop will be improved, and the development of the area is expected to accelerate.Source Kunming Planning and construction director Xu Hong proofread Yi Keyan editor liu Chao statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: