Weinan Tongguan County public security Bureau investigated and dealt with 14 cases of illegal burning and setting off fireworks

2022-05-30 0 By

Weinan City Tongguan County public security Bureau to “four prominent” measures to regulate the behavior of setting off fireworks, during the Spring Festival, a total of 14 cases of violation of the ban on burning fireworks, public security punishment of 14 people.The Party Committee of Tongguan County Public Security Bureau has always been responsible for the environment, development and people’s livelihood, combining the work of banning the burning and releasing of fireworks with environmental protection and winning the battle to protect the blue sky.Comprehensive compaction of police duties, to promote the implementation of the work.The four measures of “publicity first, synchronous inspections, follow-up strikes and joint prevention and treatment” have provided fundamental compliance and favorable support for the effective and orderly implementation of the ban on the burning and releasing of fireworks.On the basis of hanging propaganda banners, putting up anti-release posters and distributing propaganda materials, Tongguan Public Security Bureau refitted 15 propaganda vehicles banning the burning and releasing of fireworks and firecrackers, and went into crowded places such as streets, residential areas and busy commercial areas of the city to carry out propaganda launch and patrol and check 24/7.At the same time, using wechat public account, Douyin and other publicity platforms, it has issued a series of information, including notice on Prohibition of Setting off Fireworks and Firecrackers during Spring Festival and Lantern Festival issued by Public Security Bureau of Tongguan County, and Small Class on Prohibition of burning and setting off Fireworks, to promote implementation with high frequency and high efficiency and wide publicity.Tongguan county public security bureau in conjunction with the ecological environment protection, the market regulator, administration of cities and towns do schiscosomiasis, in longitudinal and transverse to the edge to fireworks banned banned management system and level 4 “town, village – group – door” defense mechanism based on grid management regulation, to between staying between staying responsible duty, between staying, responsibility, bear responsibility,In various fields such as publicity and joint law enforcement, they not only perform their respective duties and responsibilities, but also strengthen cooperation and close cooperation, and effectively form a working pattern of linkage, cooperation and overall operation.At the same time, the relevant police departments are required to take the initiative to connect with the township village group under the jurisdiction, fully mobilize the power of the masses, to ensure that once the behavior of setting off fireworks is found, the public security department can rush to the scene in the first time, fixed evidence, investigation and processing.The county will be divided into nine war zones, the elite police force set up seven special classes, set security patrol and fireworks fire ban duty in a body, divided, guard, 24/7, uninterrupted patrol and attack work, to achieve full coverage of the urban area, no dead corner, zero omission.Especially for the New Year’s Eve, the first day, the fifteenth day of the first month and other key nodes, increase police input, expand the scope of patrol, increase the density of duty, the key community village groups and residential buildings strictly guard, watch firmly, maximum discovery, persuasion, stop, punish fireworks behavior.At the same time, through various media platforms to expose the investigated and punished illegal behaviors and typical cases, to maximize the realization of one person, education, deterrence, to ensure the organic unity of the impact and social effects.