It’s raining all night!It’s not out of the question that the lakers fall out of the play-off zone

2022-05-31 0 By

As the saying goes, “It rains every night when a house leaks.”Anthony Davis left the lakers’ home game against Utah today with a sprained ankle.And that could make the lakers’ prospects even bleaker.Davis was forced to leave the game in the second quarter after spraining his right ankle while landing under the basket.Looking back in slow motion, Davis landed with a 90-degree ankle sprain that was hard to watch.At one point, the lakers carried Davis on a stretcher, but he was helped off the court by teammates.Lakers officials later announced that Davis will not return.According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, An X-ray on Davis’ right ankle was negative, showing no structural damage, and he will undergo an MRI tomorrow.He will continue treatment during the All-Star break and have a review next week.It couldn’t have been worse for the lakers.These days, the Lakers aren’t doing well.The lakers are 2-7 in their first nine games, and are likely to face a tough Utah matchup.At the trade deadline, the lakers stayed puzzlingly quiet.It was also reported earlier this morning that lakers executives were unwilling to pay future assets or use the luxury tax to bolster the team, demanding that players work things out on their own and that the lakers remain the core even through the 2022-23 season.If the reports are true, the lakers’ two seasons have been predictable and far from championship contention.With Davis injured and expected to be sidelined for several weeks, the lakers’ slide out of the play-off zone isn’t a surprise, given their difficult schedule and their lead over 11th place in the Western Conference is just 3.5 games.After winning in 2020, Davis had a rocky ride.During the 2020-21 season, Davis missed 30 consecutive games due to injury and the Lakers fell into the play-off zone.The lakers were up 2-1 in the first round when Davis went down again and the lakers were knocked out 4-2.Davis had missed 21 games this season, including 17 in a row.How long will Davis be out?Is there hope for the Lakers this season?We’ll soon find out.(Supine/Maomao)