Rt-mart employee stomps on frozen goods, store responds!

2022-05-31 0 By

Source | comprehensive urban scene as news please do not reprint without permission Such as delete source will investigate recently, jiangsu suzhou kunshan a rt-mart supermarket, an employee stands in the freezer, feet on the frozen goods.It was an uncomfortable scene for supermarket shoppers.On February 15, the reporter learned from the involved store, the employee has been criticized education, she stepped on the refrigerator goods have been all off the shelf destruction.A video posted online on Feb 14 shows a supermarket employee sitting on the edge of a freezer with his feet on the goods inside.In another video, the employee moves to a different compartment of the freezer, with his feet still on the product.Labels such as “fish dumpling with egg” and “Squid” were attached to the containers.The employee held the label in place with scotch tape as customers and supermarket employees walked by.The employee’s behavior caused some discomfort on the Internet: “Do you still want the good frozen goods?”February 15 morning, the reporter learned that this happened in Suzhou Kunshan RT-Mart forward west road store.An employee at the store said the woman was changing a label on the cooler and it was unclear why she did so.A manager of the store told reporters that the store was informed of the news, on the evening of 14 will be trampled in the refrigerator of all goods removed, and centralized destruction processing.The employee involved is the first to do such a thing and has been criticized and educated.