The National Health Commission’s latest judgment: The epidemic has been controlled in many places in Guangdong

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Under the joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, a press conference was held on Monday to introduce the epidemic prevention and control work during and after the Spring Festival.At the meeting, He Qinghua, a first-level inspector of the National Health Commission disease Control and Prevention Bureau, said that during the Spring Festival, the overall situation of the epidemic in China remained stable.The epidemic tended to control in Beijing, tianjin, heilongjiang heihe outbreaks have been reported 7 cases of infection, infection of virus sequence according to the results for the Mick Dijon variants, the outbreak is outside a new input source caused by local outbreaks, the activities of the infection was controlled, there is a risk of spread of spillover.The omicron outbreak in Shenzhen, Guangdong has affected nine cities in three provinces, including Guangdong, Guangxi and Hunan, among which yunfu, Huizhou, Meizhou and Heyuan have been brought under control.Two cases were found in shenzhen’s control zone on February 6, indicating that the epidemic still has the risk of spreading.Affected guangxi baise epidemic is in a stage of rapid increase, and the outbreak of about more than 80% of the patients live in the same natural villages, spatial clustering is apparent, because the community spread of hidden trajectory, time is long, human activities and personnel fluidity big, during Spring Festival to spread further spread risk is higher, need to complete risk screening and controls,We will speed up nucleic acid screening in risk areas to detect infection sources in communities as early as possible.The spread-over cases from Baise, Guangxi, to Nanning, Guangxi and Guangzhou, Guangdong, had many activities before they were brought under control, and there was a risk of spreading and spread-over.Only one case has been reported in Shaoyang, Hunan province. At present, the overall risk is not high, but it needs close attention.The Working group of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council sent a working group to Guangxi at the earliest opportunity to establish a flat command system with the local people, and promote the implementation of regional nucleic acid screening, tracing the source of the epidemic, and screening of people at risk, so as to bring the epidemic under control as soon as possible.Last night, Shenzhen Nanshan District issued the latest notice about the temporary control situation of taoyuan Village Phase III residential area on February 8th. The following is the content of the notice?On the morning of February 8, Taoyuan Street carried out temporary control on the first floor building of Taoyuan Village Phase iii in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and prepared to carry out nucleic acid screening on related floors.In the temporary management and control of the building, taoyuan village property management office of the third phase issued improper notice without verification.After the community found, immediately interviewed the property and asked to clarify the relevant information.On the evening of the 8th, according to the opinions of the CDC, the control measures of the relevant building in Taoyuan Village phase III were lifted.Please continue to take good personal protection, actively vaccinate against COVID-19, and cooperate with the epidemic prevention work.So far, The Novel Coronavirus genome of cases 1-16 has been sequenced by Shenzhen CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention, and the sequencing results were all omicron mutant (BA.1 evolutionary branch).Re-samples of cases 6 and 13 were sequenced, and the Novel Coronavirus sequences of cases 1-16 were highly homologous, suggesting the same transmission chain.Relevant municipal and district authorities have fully traced the activities and contact information of the 16 confirmed cases in the past 14 days, and all the close contacts and sub-close contacts have been controlled as required.The close contacts and sub-close contacts outside the city have been sent a letter for help control.The work place and residence of all the cases have been controlled, and nucleic acid sampling and terminal disinfection have been carried out at key places where the cases were active.Continue to strengthen the investigation and management of general contacts and key groups in accordance with the principle of “all should be inspected”.At present, the risk of the epidemic is generally under control. As close contacts and other key groups are still under medical observation, sporadic cases can not be ruled out.Source: Golden Sheep network integrated CCTV news, innovation Nanshan, Shenzhen Health Commission Editor: Nie Yue proofread: Liu Jiwen Review: Zheng Jianlong signed by: Jiqun Peng