“The World” in autumn and winter, changchun, the popularity of the clock soared

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Recently, jilin province in the scenery of the TV drama “The World” is a CCTV prime time hit, see the scene around the TV show, we also feel very cordial and familiar.Today, our reporter also came to the Jingyuetan National Forest Park in Changchun, one of the locations where “The World” was shot.Tongfei: On January 28, the TV drama “The World” was broadcast on CCTV one prime time, attracting wide attention.Reporter Tong Fei: We also know that the main filming location of this drama is jilin Province. With the popularity of the TV series, the scenes that once appeared in the TV series have become the new place for people to punch in.Today, the reporter also came to the Jingyuetan National Forest Park scenic area, which is one of the scenes of the play, which scenic spots have appeared in the play?Now let’s follow the camera to have a look.Wang Yue, Publicity officer of Changchun Jingyuetan National Scenic Spot: In the winter and summer of 2021, the crew of “The World” respectively came to Jingyuetan Scenic spot and filmed in the dam and overflowing bay of our reservoir.Many people will also come to our Jingyuetan scenic spot specially to punch in these two spots after seeing our TV series “The World”.Traveler Mr. Wang: I really haven’t seen the scene around me in the TV series before, but the feeling will be very different.Tourist Ms Xia: hometown, my hometown, I really want to see this.Yesterday I actually watched the broadcast of The Watchcity, the World was shot in the long shadow and here, I also want to see it.Tourist Ms Yao: Jingyue Lake is very familiar. I often come here for running and hiking. When I see the scene in the TV series, I think I have been there before.Watch a play, fall in love with a city.In the interview, the reporter also met a “worldly” loyal fan Zhang Auntie, Zhang Auntie told the reporter, she is a native of Changchun, a lot of scenes in the play, all evoke her young memory.Tourist Ms Zhang: Some of the pictures recall the scenes of young people playing in the past. When I saw the tram, I remembered the scenes of myself going to school and taking the bus. There were many people and crowded.Ms. Zhang: Lei Jiayin rode the big foot gate and the big eight bicycle, both of which she rode when she was a child.Spring outing, summer heat, autumn scenery, winter ice and snow, Changchun Jingyuetan scenic spot is known as “pearl of the green sea” and “urban oxygen bar”.It is understood that in addition to the cast of The World, in recent years, the Jingyuetan Scenic area has also been favored by many movies and TV dramas.The moon lake national scenic area of changchun city propaganda director King: including “Huang Danian”, “flying youth” and starring rulu hit a show called “in the name of ice and snow”, are we the moon lake had been shot, we are also open the door, very welcome, also hope to be able to offer you a better place for recreation.