Deny crazy love Wang Sicong, net red Shen Jie clarified: rose is sent by the ex, and was seamless love

2022-06-01 0 By

National husband Wang Sicong’s love for net red, really is as always, a few days ago, Wang Sicong was photographed with net red girlfriend Shen Jie shopping, Wang Sicong went to luxury stores, buy bags for Shen Jie, and then was photographed to send Shen Jie rose, the overlord president fell in love with a small net red drama, again.However, the scene of Wang Sicong sending flowers seems to show that there is something wrong with their relationship. Wang Sicong is not a gentleman at all and directly throws the flowers to Shen Jie and walks on without looking back.Stolen after ShenJie social platform, some netizens found ShenJie once the video to hold a rose with the headline is: “could I have that I’m a bit greedy, has always been”, which makes eating melon netizen excited to get up, plus the copy, let a person think ShenJie sicong who wants to be the only woman, even if it is a little long time.Some posts said that Shen Jie suspected to have broken up with Wang Sicong and wanted to be greedy for longer, but wang Sicong was soon photographed shopping with another beautiful woman, and Shen Jie once became a laughing stock.Soon after they were photographed together, Wang sicong and Shen Jie were seen on a date with a taller woman, who was holding wang’s hand. They seemed to be very close.In this case, Shen Jie was really embarrassed, just a few days with Wang Sicong, coupled with “greedy” copywriting, it is inevitable that many people ridicule, want to be wang Sicong’s only woman, really think too much.Later, Shen Jie took the initiative to clarify and deny the so-called “crazy love” of Wang Sicong on the Internet, saying that the video was a rose sent by her ex-boyfriend on her birthday, and the copywriting was copied and used casually on the Internet, so that the netizens should not write the drama any more, they would be embarrassed to toe on the ground.In addition, the video was indeed sent on November 24 last year, and indeed it has nothing to do with Wang Sicong, and the roses cannot be sent by Wang Sicong.However, the embarrassing point is that Shen Jie clarified that rose had nothing to do with Wang Sicong, but did not deny that she had been in love with Wang Sicong.Meanwhile, Shen’s predecessor, Shen Fengqun, also clarified in a post that the two split amicably last December.In this case, Shen jie broke up with her boyfriend less than a month after she celebrated her birthday together.Less than two months later, Shen Jie and Wang Sicong got together again. It was a seamless love affair.However, There is no shortage of women around Wang Sicong. Shen Jie is just one of them, but it would be a bit of a loss if she broke up with her boyfriend in order to fall in love with Wang sicong for a few days.After all, so many women want to be greedy and become wang Sicong online for a longer time, not everyone has the “blessing”.In contrast, Sister Ning was more aggressive, becoming the only woman that Wang Sicong could not get. No matter how much Wang Sicong “licked the dog”, Sister Ning just ignored wang Sicong, which made Wang Sicong unable to stop. Finally, they fought with each other at a distance, and Finally, Sister Ning won.In this way, no matter who is in love with Wang Sicong, it is only a few days, only Sun Yining is the winner, do not need to become Wang Sicong’s “predecessor”, with Wang Sicong’s “never get a woman” title, is a pot full of pot full!