Spring Festival is open!Loufan public security for the masses to handle household registration business, Taiyuan city

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People’s Brand, the way of brand!(Li Fuquan) # This is the Flavor of the Spring Festival # Open for the Spring Festival!Loufan public security handles household registration business for the masses.On February 4, 2022, the government affairs Hall of Loufan County Public Security Bureau and six police stations received and served 50 people in total, handled 25 household registration services for returning people and students, 6 id card services, and obtained evidence for 9 people.It was well received by the people.In order to further implement the measures for the convenience and benefit of the people, to maximize the satisfaction of returning people to apply for household registration, id cards and other household registration services, and to put the needs of the masses in the first place, on February 4, 2022 (the fourth day of the first lunar month), the government affairs hall of Loufan County Public Security Bureau and the registered office of each police station all went to work to handle services for the masses.The Spring Festival I am on duty, guard family reunion!Editor: Li Jianmei strong Junfei review: Li Fu full brand is a spear, is also a shield!Enter can attack, capture territory, develop market;Retreat can keep, keep castle peak, ready to go!