Tai ‘an Lu Wei, Liang Xunmei, Hou Chuanxin three entrepreneurs were commended by the province

2022-06-01 0 By

On February 7, the first day of work after the Spring Festival, shandong Province 2022 work Mobilization conference was held to commend outstanding entrepreneurs, industry leaders and outstanding entrepreneurs in Shandong Province. Three entrepreneurs from Tai ‘an city were commended on site.Among them, Lu Wei, chairman of Shandong Runde Biological Technology Co., LTD., was commended as “leading entrepreneur in Shandong Province”.Liang Xunmei, chairwoman of Shandong Lude New Materials Co., LTD., and Hou Chuanxin, general manager of Taishan Group Co., LTD., were honored as “Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Shandong Province.”Did you forget to look through Tai ‘an!Open to traffic at the end of September, another “double eight” high-speed to!5 communities share joy!”Ti Tai Xin ‘an” 2021 Taishan “SAN Li Yuan Milk Cup” community sports meeting will set off a new trend of sports involving external wall insulation, roof waterproof and so on!Tai ‘an urban area old district additional transformation of these projects!Planning publicity!Taian this commercial complex (including farmers market) renderings exposed @ Taian people!No such activities shall be organized