Du Ping: Stay true to our original mission to show the charm of intangible cultural heritage

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Du Ping, member of the CPPCC in Yingdong District, deputy of provincial and municipal people’s Congresses, national non-hereditary inheritor of Du’s copper carving.With a knife as a pen and copper as a paper, he could engrave many exquisite poems, books, paintings and lifelike figures on the bronze ware after tapping and carving thousands of chisels.Some of his major works are not only full of respect for the great figures of this era, but also show the unique charm of Fuyang’s intangible cultural heritage.Major theme works full of high respect from small pieces of copper boxes, copper POTS, to several feet long copper paintings…In recent years, du Ping is not satisfied with his finished works, but set his sights on creating major works.”It is of both contemporary and practical significance to record the greatest figures of our country with our own talents.”Du Pingshui.During the Spring Festival of 2020, when COVID-19 hit, Du Ping cancelled her plan to attend an art exhibition in a southern city.Du Ping, who has never stopped carving copper at home, has been deeply moved by many stories on the frontline of wuhan’s fight against COVID-19.One party is difficult, eight party support, this lets du Ping in the heart to initiate an idea, he decided to be wuhan anti-epidemic hero engraved image.His heroes include academician Zhong Nanshan, 84, and Academician Li Lanjuan, 72, as well as Major General Chen Wei and Doctor Li Wenliang, who sacrificed his life on the front line.After repeated brewing, deliberation and finalization, Du Ping chose high-quality white copper plate in material, as smooth as silver, which is the most suitable carrier for portrait painting.It takes time and labor to carve a piece of work, and it requires meticulous carving and natural connection between lines. Du Ping forgot all about eating and sleeping. Within more than 20 days, he made and completed the bronze portraits of Academician Zhong Nanshan, Hero Li Wenliang, Female General Chen Wei and Academician Li Lanjuan.These works have delicate lines and softness in their firmness. They have both the heavy sense of copper carving and the exquisite purity of traditional techniques.Du Ping’s works have been promoted in the way of painting and video in the special topic “Fighting epidemic, Anhui Intangible Cultural Heritage in Action” by Anhui Federation of Literary and Art circles, which has been clicked and forwarded by many netizens.”Zhong Nanshan, Li Lanjuan, Chen Wei and Li Wenliang, I think they are all heroes. To portray their images and show their fearless heroic spirit, we can encourage people to overcome difficulties as one.”Duping hopes that after the epidemic is over, these bronze carving works will be donated to the heroes themselves or their units as a permanent memorial.In early 2021, Du Ping planned to carve a portrait of Yuan Longping, but unfortunately he was not able to complete the work before Yuan’s death.After hearing the sad news of the old man’s death, he worked overnight and finished the work the day after Yuan Longping died.”I finished the work with great respect, careful not to make any mistake.”Du said he plans to donate yuan’s statue to Yuan’s hometown or family members to express his love and memory for him.”In the future, I will create more works on this theme and continue to enrich the cultural content of copper carving to express my respect for the great figures of this era.”Du Pingshui.In recent years, Du Ping has been to many overseas exhibitions and cultural exchanges, including France, Italy and Germany.In 2018, Du Ping went to the United States to participate in Maryland’s “China Anhui Week” series of activities.During the event, Du Ping showed off her skills on the overseas stage.”To display fuyang folk skills overseas is to convey fuyang people’s spiritual values, imagination and cultural awareness to the world.”Du Ping sighed that all the local people who saw the exhibition showed great interest in Chinese culture and art, and some of the visitors had a certain professional vision.He brought a piece of bronze carving “Little Girl”, was bought by an American on the spot, other works also expressed interest in buying, but he declined one by one.”As a non-hereditary inheritor, my responsibility is to keep the craftsmanship and culture alive.Only by embracing the culture of the world can we pass it on better.”Du Ping said that the ability to take the copper carving skills abroad, to spread Chinese cultural treasures abroad, mainly want to show the cultural confidence of fuyang people through carving symbols.Over the years, Du Ping has continuously explored and innovated on the basis of inheriting family learning and traditional copper carving, so that the art of copper carving has been broadened in form, richer in content, wider in subject matter, and more expressive space and freedom in artistic effect, with distinct characteristics of The Times.His copper carving works have won more than 40 national and provincial gold awards, including hundred Flowers Award.Among them: large-scale copper carving fine works “Founding Ceremony” in Anhui province in the ninth fine arts and crafts exposition won the “Emblem award” gold medal.As a member of the District CPPCC and a deputy of the provincial and municipal people’s Congresses, Du Ping has been concerned with regional development for many years, earnestly performing his duties, actively participating in political discussions and making suggestions.Deeply studied and understood the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, and combined with their own development reality, actively created many excellent works close to The Times;He often went to the grassroots to publicize national policies and policies, participated in research activities for several times, listened to the aspirations of the people, and timely reflected the demands of the people, thus playing a better role as a bridge and bond.During his term of office, he wrote proposals and motions every year, mostly concerning people’s livelihood, education, spiritual civilization construction and other issues.”Two sessions” held in 2022, du to 6th session of Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC) in east stands at a meeting in put forward “on strengthening rural cultural construction to promote rural revitalization” advice, he wants the government to speed up the rural cultural construction, the more cultural resources to the grassroots, tilt to the disadvantaged groups, to improve the coverage of basic public service and applicability,This will not only enrich the extension of excellent traditional Chinese culture, but also contribute to the effective implementation of rural revitalization strategy.”As a literary and art worker, we should never forget our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, take enhancing cultural confidence and cultural cohesion as our duty, seek creative inspiration in the hot new era, make our works warm and profound, and strive to make portraits, biographies and virtues for the era.”Du ping said that as a CPPCC member, he will earnestly perform his duties, in-depth understanding of the people, do a good job of social conditions and public opinion feedback, take the initiative to report the situation at the grass-roots level to the higher authorities.Source: Yingdong release author wu Yan