Song Chao: Never forget your original aspiration and live up to your youth

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“I am happy because I work, AND I work because I am happy.””He used to say, spreading and infecting happiness to others.His attitude is sunny, positive, dare to bear hardships, hard work, with practical actions to serve the people wholeheartedly, live up to the youth, the Party and the people placed high expectations.He is The Drum tower branch of The Public Security Bureau of Kaifeng City Xinhua police station police Song Chao.Song Chao, male, Han nationality, born in 1990, member of the Communist Party of China, joined the public security service in 2019.For three years, he fulfilled the mission of the people’s police with enthusiasm and infinite loyalty, taking the satisfaction of the masses as the highest standard for judging their work.In July 2021, heavy rain fell in Kaifeng, and there were many old residential areas under the jurisdiction of xinhua Police Station in the old city. The water and water leakage of houses were everywhere, and colleagues were busy at that time.Song Chao rolled up his trouser legs and waded knee-deep in rain to the severely flooded residential areas under his jurisdiction, knocking on doors and asking people if they needed help. He helped the affected people transfer their property bit by bit, carrying the elderly step by step overnight.He was wet all over, has been unable to distinguish rain or sweat, but never called a tired, did not call a bitter, and take the initiative to work overtime.In the rainstorm, days and nights of overtime work did not stop Song chao from caring for the masses.At the end of July 2021, when the epidemic prevention and control situation in Kaifeng was once again serious, Song, full of apology to appease his wife and young children, resolutely signed up to join the youth Commando team for epidemic prevention and control and volunteered to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work.Card point on duty, household investigation, maintenance of public security and stability, he firmly supported the tired body, not retreat, not afraid, always rushed in the war “epidemic” front line, with their own practical action to practice a Communist party member’s original mind and mission.At 18:00 on September 9, 2021, a member of the public found Song Chao in his daily patrol, saying that an old man appeared outside his house, suspected to be lost, and asked for help.Song Chao immediately arrived at the scene, found the old man anxious, trance, quickly approached to ask: “old man, I am a police officer, are you lost?”The old man nodded.Perhaps she had been wandering in the street for too long. She was tired and looked tired. She couldn’t remember the location of her home and couldn’t tell her family members how to contact her.”It doesn’t matter, I have in, certainly take you home!”Song Chao while comforting the old man, while helping the old man on the police car, temporarily the old man back to settle.At the police station, Song Chao sent warm water and food for the old man, accompanied the old man to talk, to appease the old man’s mood, slowly, the old man’s uneasy mood began to calm down, remember that he lives in Huiliqiao Street, there are two large transformers nearby.Song Chao was so overjoyed that he drove the old man to Huiliqiao Street without having dinner. While looking for the transformer sign, he asked the crowd if he knew the old man.A supermarket owner recognized the old man and gave Song directions.When Song sent the old man home safely, he breathed a sigh of relief and drove back to work.During the epidemic prevention and control period, the police station often encountered the masses for help. Song Chao came forward every time: “I am a Party member, I go first!”On the morning of January 13, 2022, Xinhua Police Station received a call for help from staff of the office, who said that while on duty at the Rouge River station under their jurisdiction, they found a homeless man lying on the ground and in need of assistance.After receiving help, the police Song Chao led auxiliary police Zhang Hongbo hurried to the scene, arrived at the scene found a man in rags lying on the ground motionless.The police came forward to ask: “comrade, how did you?Wake up!Comrade, wake up!”The man showed signs of life, but he could not speak for a while. Considering the cold weather and the severe epidemic prevention and control period, there were many people coming and going. In order to ensure the safety of the homeless man, Song Chao took the initiative to contact the hospital and contacted 120 staff in time, and finally sent the homeless man to the hospital for proper treatment.(Wei Ning) Editor: Mu Zi Review: He Xin