A new verse from Official Script reads “Elegant spring Breeze, Clear mind and Autumn Water”.

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“Elegant spring breeze at the beginning of the hui, chenghuai Qiushui from the collection of beads” is the qing Dynasty Tongzhi ten years number one liang Yaoshu handwriting a couplet.Should be a tang Dynasty Yang Juyuan “send apprentice boy” poem in a poem and become, the original poem is: the glorious spring breeze early turn loh, spirit autumn water does not hide beads.On couplet medium “hui” it is a kind of orchid, namely cymbidium, also say big flower Hui LAN, fragrance is fragrant, symbolizing richly elegant, firm and honest incorrupt.The general idea is to say, noble, elegant bearing like warm spring breeze sent cymbidium fragrance, refreshing;”Cheng” in the second couplet, the original meaning is clear, “Cheng Huai” is clear heart, meditation, here is to describe people’s mind as clear autumn water, open-minded, clean and dust-free, elegant conduct is like the pearl hidden from the general bright and clean people.This pair of couplets with elegant meaning, often used to praise the conduct of noble noble bearing extraordinary friends.Of course, the person with self-cultivation is hanged in indoor, it is mirror with this, also can yet be regarded as go up beautiful choice.This piece of calligraphy is written on antique gold rice paper, which is simple and elegant, and fits in well with the connotation of the couplet.The length is eight screens, that is, 116X53 cm.– Wu Feng (Yifeng)