“Road icing warning information update” February 5, Huining County meteorological observatory continued to issue yellow warning signal for road icing

2022-06-03 0 By

Huining County Meteorological Observatory continues to issue yellow warning signal for road icing at 17:35 on February 5th, 2022:Town is expected to join forces with in 24 hours, the outer city wall yi town, taiping town, gan ditch yi town, new fort HuiZu Township, Hou Jiachuan town, party Xian township, Yang Ya town, old town, zhai jun slope home town, the town of wood door, eight bay in the township, flat sichuan town, Korea’s home town, big ditch town, four buildings wu zhen, han home town of bifurcation, liujia stockaded village town, high soil shan, white grass to protect the town, the town of grass land, Mr Nakagawa Ding Jia ditch town, town, Riverside town, Tou Zhaizi town, Tu Men Xian Town, new Yuan town, Xinzhuang town and other parts of the town will be affected by road icing, please take precautions!On February 2, the Huining County Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning signal for road icing.–end–>