2.0t +8AT+ four-wheel drive, domestic coupe SUV looks as good as BMW X4, and 90% of young people want to buy it

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It is rainy in spring and summer in south China and snowy in winter in north China. Such weather will cause a certain safety hazard to the car driving, and the car equipped with four-wheel drive system can greatly reduce the risk of driving on these roads.On the eve of the Spring Festival, we all go back to our hometown for the New Year, and it is snowy in the north. So today, I recommend several models with personality and four-wheel drive system. Let’s have a look!Jeep Freedom is a highly personalized model, the appearance of the design is not only a square, domineer body, quite a Jepp model style, but also fashion, soft adorable side, the details of the Freedom design is quite rich, really can be described as “fierce can attack straight men, soft can soft cute sister”!But, more importantly, the four-wheel drive system on the Liberty is very powerful.It should be noted that only the top-of-the-line version of the Jeep Liberty, which has a guide price of $189,800, comes with all-wheel-drive and a 9AT transmission, making it a more comprehensive off-road vehicle than the others.The GKN Active Drive Low smart four-wheel Drive system is equipped with a multi-disc clutch central differential and an electronic limited-slip system between the wheels.In most everyday road conditions, vehicles are in two-drive mode.In extreme road conditions switch to the four-wheel drive mode, the multi-disc clutch central differential will adjust and distribute the front and rear axle torque according to the vehicle’s passability requirements, simple operation and convenient, more importantly, this system has a very large improvement on the vehicle passability.The design of the LYNk brand is unique, which makes several of lynk’s models unique and recognizable.Lynk 05’s crossover SUV design makes it even more visually striking.However, Such a personalized design has always been in the consumer’s evaluation is mixed, whether to appreciate it depends on everyone’s own.Lynk 05 has three four-wheel drive models, namely the regular version 05 with a guide price of 212,800 yuan, and the two 05+ models with a guide price of 235,800 yuan and 261,800 yuan.The four wheel drive systems on these 05 models are borgwarner smart five generation four wheel drive systems with a fifth generation Haldex central differential.This timely four-wheel drive system adopts the power distribution form of full front-drive in most daily road conditions, and can achieve a maximum distribution ratio of 50:50 before and after.The four-wheel-drive system is still a bit of a drag on off-road conditions, but it’s definitely good enough on normal roads.Ruiji is a compact SUV owned by Ford. The model adopts ford’s latest family-style design, which looks very recognizable.Although personalized design respect does not have particularly outstanding place, but the modelling of whole looks feels very pleasing to the eye, the smoothness of line also shows atmosphere simple sense very much.It is worth mentioning that Ford Sharp Is a rare joint venture SUV model that provides four-wheel drive system within 200,000 yuan in the market.The official supplier of the four-wheel drive system was not disclosed, but sources said the four-wheel drive system was borgwarner, which also uses a timely four-wheel drive and a multi-disc clutch for the central differential.Although the four-wheel drive system of Ruiji is not as powerful as that in off-road conditions, it can quickly realize the power distribution switch from 100:0 to 50:50, which can meet the needs of daily driving and improve the stability of the whole vehicle in some slightly extreme road conditions.The mitsubishi Outlander design also shows a more polarized evaluation, some people believe that the SUV should be like the Outlander grand, tough, but there are many people think that the Mitsubishi Outlander design is backward, compared to the current trend and high-tech design concept of the new models.The design aesthetic varies from person to person, but the strength of Mitsubishi’s own super-selected four-wheel drive system on the Outlander can not be underestimated, from the guide price of 194,800 yuan for the five-seat version to 22,500 yuan for the top version are equipped with four-wheel drive system.Although Outlander also adopts the four-wheel drive mode in time, this system has a better ability to get out of trouble than the four-wheel drive system of ordinary urban SUV. The S-AWC system it carries has 4WD ECO, 4WD AUTO, 4WD LOCK and other modes to choose, which can basically cope with most of the extreme urban road conditions and light off-road conditions.Nissan novel Jun guidance price: 1819-262,900 novel jun appearance compared to the old model has a very big change, the whole looks more atmosphere, fashion.Details are also more delicate than the old model of the design and decoration, so that it has the old model can not be compared to the senior sense.Of course, the design of this car is not particularly outstanding, but it is beautiful and recognizable, I believe it will meet the aesthetic needs of most consumers.From the guide price of 22,900 yuan to 262,900 yuan, the model versions are equipped with this powerful second-generation 4× 4-I intelligent all-mode four-wheel drive system, and support off-road, snow, automatic, economic, sports five modes switch.The YMC dynamic torque control system and the newly upgraded B-LSD electronic differential lock can improve the vehicle’s passing performance.Through the previous test drive we can also really feel, jun novel four-wheel drive system does let it have mild off-road ability.The primary usage scenarios, of course, the car or in the city, this ability strong all-wheel-drive system seems a little surplus, but actually also does give jun to conquer the possibility of more bad road conditions, but also provide the handling stability of the whole car with a more powerful support, have a friend needs can really consider 4 x4 version.In the end, in addition to the four-wheel drive system itself can indeed bring the vehicle through the improvement of handling, many consumers themselves have four-wheel drive feelings, so many models of the four-wheel drive system even if only to meet the needs of urban working conditions, they are more willing to choose these four-wheel drive versions.And the above several cars not only have excellent ability to pass, at the same time design, modelling are very individual, DO not know which one you like?