Come to Deyang and watch!Here comes the robot that won the world class design competition!

2022-06-04 0 By

Six orange robots, one meter tall, were unveiled in Deyang Teslian Park on February 17. They are the official mascot of world Expo dubai 2020, which won a world Class design award. The robots are also guardians of the pavilion of Opportunity.Tesla Has officially become the chief official partner of Expo dubai 2020, and is the only Chinese enterprise among the only 12 partners in the world.It is understood that Teslian provided 152 Titan series intelligent robot volunteers for The Dubai World Expo at that time, providing services such as distribution, patrol control, guidance and group dance.The mascot robot in Deyang this time is called Opti, which is specially customized for the World Expo by Teslian. It is an entertainment commercial service robot that walks into the real physical world from the two-dimensional drawing of the Mascot of the World Expo.In 2021, Opti won the Good Design Award of Japan, one of the four design awards in the world.In The Dubai World Expo, Opti’s friendly and pleasant image and flexible interaction ability were well received by visitors around the world. The group dance show in the square in front of the Expo gate also received warm attention.According to teslian staff, Titan series robots have settled in DEyang Light-controlled TESlian AI PARK, replacing human beings to complete intelligent temperature measurement, visit guidance, voice dialogue, tea delivery, group dance and other functions.The next step is to open the park to the public, who can make reservations through official channels.The reporter | FuShuai edit | He Juan coordinating editor | vian zhang lei, deputy editor in chief | on duty