New Year’s eve | today, why should we shou sui?

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Why are we staying up late today?Small make up to tell you a story first left left left it long long ago there was a monster called “special” it has a black body but the hand is white “precious” every year Spring Festival eve came to earth and special touch the sleeping child’s forehead all is “precious” touched a child will become a crazy fool dementia in order not to let the “precious” hurt children every New Year’s eve this day we all night light lampAnd play with the children don’t let them sleep at the time this is called “special” later what people think about the monster whammy “precious” and because “old” and “special” homophonic so slowly will “precious” called “shou sui” then the problem to the New Year’s eve the night you don’t sleep I don’t who is staying up late baby small make up know that staying up late is bad for liver but on second thought I if you stay up late tonight so tomorrowI can’t open my mouth. Can I call you Big face Cat?Here need to turn (actually the want to be happy to stay up late on New Year’s eve isn’t difficult at all, we have a lot of things you can do it as a new pair of couplets on the Spring Festival couplets and treats for, couplet, subsidiary, peach wood charms against evil, this is China’s unique literary form according to the study of the custom began in the song dynasty from the Ming dynasty became a couplet is a kind of expression can use brief words to express the profound meaning is like “the tasteShould never drive after drinking alcohol “” the walk should leave for the past definitely don’t look back” and have a family reunion dinner even if the positive response “on New Year’s day” policy of netizens also must run on the hour don’t failed to live up to his stomach hard food reward yourself but no matter where extended New Year time/priest regards to my uncle aunt basking obviously “have object?””Why aren’t you married?””Why don’t you have children?””How much a month?”.I’m dating someone, I’m married, I’m thinking about having a baby,Earn more than you “words to the successful completion of the” chamber of secrets escape “is the New Year’s eve that night whether or not can be with his family as long as the heart together will be full of happy the Spring Festival also has a lot of people stand in a line (xinhuanet beautiful youth handsome treasure, for example) to salute you shou sui netizens small make up together tonight I have a word I don’t know when you speak improper left left leftCircle don’t hard in harmony but tonight we all have the same ring that is black rim of the eye and the small make up poems time ~ annual ErJiu sat up a night to a red envelope MAO nine choke refers to a two hundred – count I see who is the tiger so kidding? Small make up or will mercilessly bless everyone desires are line as the royal road to learning Meet all beloved Confronted all pleasuresIn the end, I would like to say that the New Year is coming, everyone has sent a lot of information to bless you. You can basically represent my meaning. You have a good idea in your mind.Happy New Year’s Eve!Source: Xinhua