Nio, what is the big truth in advance

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Article | Karakush wei to old busy this year, to deliver three new models.An ET7, an ET5, and the newly confirmed all-new model ES7, due for release in April.The product, code-named Gemini, is a mid-to-large five-seater SUV, somewhere between the ES6 and ES8, or better known as the Benchmark, the BMW X5L.If the Internet had a memory, it would be found that the new NIO is naming the benchmarking BMW, ET7 said it was the benchmarking BMW 7 series, ET5 said it was the benchmarking BMW 3 series.Asked yesterday what the logic behind the “courage” was, Qin Lihong, NiO’s president, replied: “There is no courage. BMW’s evs are not doing as well as us.”Nio talking is fun.To some extent, niO’s history is the history of a struggle between self-fulfilling business predictions and deep-rooted common sense.Even though you may call absurdity in eight hundred gestures, ask yourself that it may be more a matter of discomfort with disrespect than a criticism of absolute falsehood.It is just like the various anti-aircraft guns that have been used by NiO in the past, which hover for a while without preventing landing from being a real and definite possibility.According to and logic Qin Lihong is put out some realistic basis.According to the number of insurance sales last year, NiO sold about 90,000 units, accounting for 40.8% of high-end brand electric vehicles above 300,000 yuan (37% in the first half and 44% in the second half, showing an upward trend).It was followed by Tesla.Although Tesla’s overall sales volume is several times that of NIO, there are 6,000 to 7,000 fewer vehicles with invoices of more than 300,000 yuan than NiO.As for BBA: BMW 20,000 +, Mercedes 6,000 + and Audi 2,000 +.Of course, there are as many as three attributes here: more than 300,000, high-end brands, electric vehicles, the exclusion of some suspected “strength” product.But layering makes sense.To last year, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles has reached 14%, and the fourth quarter was basically maintained at 20%. The market has developed from the initial stage with few choices and cross-demand dogfights to every 100,000 yuan. It is time to take different prices and different positioning of cars to discuss the situation.In particular, high-end electric vehicles, as the first popular type, have become an established market segment in terms of consumer mentality, scale, quantity and quality of competitors.And NIO is indeed “standing firm” among them, not just based on the 40% figure.First, it is the phased result of relatively full and positive competition.He didn’t bully the new climber.BBA’s first domestic electric vehicle with market significance has a relatively complete market testing cycle.For example, Mercedes-benz EQC was launched in November 2019, and its product line was extended to EQA and EQB by October last year.The BMW iX3 was launched in November 2020 and upgraded to a new model in November last year;The Audi E-tron came out later, in April last year, which also explains the sales problems.At the same time, there is no shortage of markups.For example, Qin Lihong pointed out that BMW’s performance last year was better than Mercedes and Audi, and a key factor cannot be excluded is that the iX3 price dropped by about 70,000 yuan last Spring Festival, which was unprecedented.According to the Wall Street Journal, Mercedes EQC also offered steep discounts at the end of last year.As a sign, “Their cards have been dealt for the round.”However, NiO maintains its position, relying only on the veteran comrades of the three first-generation platforms of 866, and the average price of the fourth quarter remains at 440,000 yuan, without new product increment and price unchanged. This is actually a verification of brand premium.Mr. Qin said Nio has been a counterbid to BBA since its inception.Three years ago, no matter partners, users, investors, media and peers, everyone questioned niO’s window period, believing that BBA would simply die once it made electric cars.Maybe some friends still think so.On the one hand, it underestimated the threshold for BBA to build electric cars;On the other hand, it underestimates the comparative advantages of a commercial flywheel focused on “high-end electric” experiences.The second is that NiO’s comparative advantage can be maintained for a long time and is turning faster and faster.The basic link is the infrastructure, operation and service with the charging and changing system as the core.I always believe that electric vehicles are the premise of NIO’s business model, because “energy supplement” provides access to consumers with frequent contact, and most of the experience is sublimated in the energy supplement link.At present, except tesla, NIO and Xiaopeng, most brands do not have a relatively complete energy supplement system, or even lack the intention to build their own, but rely on public charging piles to a large extent.With the increase of electric vehicle ownership and penetration rate, the utilization rate of public piles will rise sharply, while the experience will continue to decline, and it is difficult to improve widely in the short term.Then whether the battery life problem can be solved stably, including energy supplement and product capacity (it is likely that the energy supplement will be greater than product capacity), will become the core of consumption decision, especially high-end consumption.As a result, the competition between other brands and NIO is no longer a comparison between bikes, but a comparison between bikes and systems.What could have happened.In the market, a number of decent and even awesome electric vehicle products will quickly emerge in each segment of the market, with fancy grinding parameters, but the basic car experience will still be defeated by Tesla, NiO, Xiaopeng and so on.The boost to the gap will be exponential, and we’re already seeing it with Tesla.Nio this year is the same as last year, to maintain a relatively high pace of infrastructure investment.For example, by the end of last year, there were more than 770 electrical power stations, and it is expected that by the end of this year, there will be more than 1,300 electric power stations, or nearly 600 new ones.Overcharging pile and destination charging pile will also maintain a relatively high growth rate.It has been mentioned before…’This pace should continue for a few more years,’ Mr. Qin said. ‘It will slow down until the experience of charging and changing is at least about equal to the experience of filling up a fuel car, and even exceeds the experience of filling up in local places and local scenes.’If you give up chasing now, then the barriers to catch up later will be higher.The bigger challenge is not the investment commitment or the high voltage/high current charging technology, but the geographical location and capacitance limitations.Taking this Spring Festival as an example, the event occasion yesterday was actually “all-weather marketing” for external communication during the Spring Festival, which has been carried out over the years. Simply speaking, it is to demonstrate NIO’s system capability through the all-weather, all-touch, all-style “Spring Festival is not closed”.Among them, of course, also mentioned that can not close: according to statistics, a total of seven days off for more than 150,000 times, including high-speed for nearly 40,000 times.In fact, the peak was on June 30, when the number of electricity changes reached nearly 30,000.In general, the user experience of most electrical changing stations is very good, which indicates that they have withstood the test, except for a very few first-generation electrical changing stations with short-time queuing phenomenon.In addition, the number of maintenance received is 4992, mobile service road rescue a total of 2394, which is not small.As usual, this year also has many special stories.For example, there was a user who had a flat tire on a mountain road in Qinling at around 9:00 p.m. on the sixth day of the Lunar New Year. This place was so remote that there was no mobile phone signal. He contacted the staff through the NEXteV hot spot connected to the mobile APP and asked for help to call a tow truck.However, NIO called almost all the towing companies he could contact, and no one was willing to offer the car. It was the Spring Festival and no one took the order. Finally, niO staff drove a mobile service car to change the tire for him.You may be numb.But keep in mind that this is non-standardized passion service, and this year the company still has the ability to mobilize and continue to deliver passion service.It is the standardized system behind this “addictive work” that is more worthy of our questioning. What did NIO do to organize such a “Spring Festival without rest” project?In addition to the above “hardcore” services, niO also launched six Spring Festival topics on APP such as From January 31 to February 6, 2022, and organized more than 100,000 participants.The New Year’s Concert held at the bus terminal was listened to 360,000 times;For example, more than 1,100 activities were held in 384 cow houses around the world, 690,000 people visited the stores, and more than 12,000 red envelopes were handed out to children and 15,000 Fuhu mugs were handed out.Also known as: not rob the mug however, wei to is leaving a Versailles type summary: the time of our meeting headquarters’s the real thing less than 40 minutes, all the things down, these things are already there, just we had some requirements in the premise of the Spring Festival, naturally grown up everyone to see.Finally take a look at the ES7 there’s not much real information about the Big Five.The initial release is set for mid-April.The limited information points out that it “pushes the envelope a little bit more in terms of comfort” and also “runs on nio’s NT2.0 platform.”We can take a common sense guess at the price: somewhere in the 6/8 range, which is usually slightly more expensive than a sedan for an SUV of the same class, at about $450,000.The important thing is that whatever car comes out, we know NiO is behind it.From that point of view, it’s no different from BBA.