Yangxin traffic police to ensure the Spring Festival district road traffic safety and smooth

2022-06-04 0 By

In recent days, the county public Security Bureau traffic police brigade acted quickly, the whole police input, fight day and night, so that epidemic prevention and control and traffic regulation “catch both hands”, to ensure the safety of road traffic during the Spring Festival, smooth.Road quarantine inspection is an important defense line for epidemic prevention and control.County traffic police brigade deployed police in the five highways to implement 24-hour guard, epidemic prevention work.On February 2, the reporter came to the port of wood expressway, saw the traffic police on duty are all in and out of Yangxin drivers and passengers information inquiry, registration and “three code” inspection, and reminded the drivers and passengers to do their own protection, but also to comply with traffic laws and regulations, fighting together “epidemic”, safe travel.Chen Xinhua, the police directly under the team, said that there are four people on duty 24 hours a day, the mugang expressway to Yang vehicles health code, travel code registration, for yangxin people’s health, safety and adhere to their duties.During the Spring Festival, Yangxin traffic police based on the actual situation of the area, focus on key points, scientific and reasonable arrangement of duty, in urban and rural areas where the flow of people and vehicles is relatively dense and key sections of the police patrol duty.The possible congestion of the road section, police on-site command, timely dredge;On the ongoing red light, retrograde, overmanned and other illegal acts, police on-site persuasion, timely stop.Daqiaotou is an important import and export channel of our county and county. It is in the peak period around the Chinese New Year every year.At the big qiaotou intersection, the traffic police on duty are dredging the congestion.Mei Junjie, auxiliary police officer of Xingguo Squadron, told reporters that the squadron has seven police officers on duty every day from 7:30 am to 9 PM to ensure that the road section is unblocked.During the Spring Festival, the county traffic police always stick to the front line, give up the small family, for everyone, undertake the road patrol control, accident handling, traffic safety publicity, emergency disposal, the public alarm for help and other functions, just to let everyone have a safe, happy, happy year.Guang-fu zhang traffic police brigade chief, said police personnel on the road, where the actual conditions, our county road in 30 market, an oasis landscape and so on more than 10 points arrangement on duty police deployed pavement, the county’s major important traffic intersection decorate police 6 units, more than 60 people, a police car and need 24 hours to arrange personnel at seven high-speed intersection, to safeguard our county people’s travel and peace.Source: Yunshangyang Xin Yang Rui