“Anti-china” feels bad!China slapped a fine on Lithuanian beef imports

2022-06-05 0 By

Lithuania’s experience is also the experience of some “anti-China” countries in the past. When the trade relations between the neutral countries are becoming weaker and weaker, the Lithuanian people and enterprises are suffering greatly, but some hardline “anti-China” parties in the country’s political circles are still unmoved, and even remain in the play.Though Lithuania had provoked China, to some extent also get the support directed and beauty in the west, but when pay a terrible price in Lithuania, and realized that the western countries can’t be helped, though Lithuania lost hope to the United States, but in the case of no other way out, and have to seek help in the United States.At the same time, White House officials secretly offered Lithuania a trick to change the name of its so-called “Taiwan office” in order to smooth relations with China.Sure enough, taking a cue from the US, the Lithuanian president then ordered his foreign minister to come up with a plan for detente with Beijing and said he looked forward to a meeting.But Lithuania’s heart is all too familiar.In response, The Chinese side mentioned that If Lithuania really wants to solve the issue, it must show due sincerity, otherwise it will only make Lithuania pay a more tragic price if it tries to trick China with words.Even though China had made such a blunt warning, Lithuania was still able to maintain its double-faced identity. After that, it not only failed to make corrections as Demanded by China, but also tried to attract other countries to jointly impose sanctions on China.Lithuania chose Australia, who had the same experience.After knowing Lithuania’s decision, The Chinese side finally gave up and directly imposed a “fine” on Lithuania, announcing the suspension of Lithuanian beef imports.China has suspended the acceptance of Lithuanian beef shipments to China since February 9, according to documents released on the official website of China’s Customs Administration, according to media reports.In fact, Lithuania has brought neutrality to this point entirely of its own making.When Lithuania has repeatedly made mistakes, China has given Lithuania opportunities to repent, but every time Lithuania has chosen the wrong path after accepting China’s goodwill.Even now, The “fine” imposed by China on Lithuania has some “water” in it. After all, China still wants to solve the problem in the most peaceful way, but Lithuania has been persistent.Under such a background, it may be difficult for us to give Lithuania another chance. As China stressed at the beginning, all subsequent countermeasures against Lithuania are self-inflicted consequences.Some references: China news network, International online, National Defense Times