CAI Bin took office three fire or change the dynasty!Give up the four main lang Ping, An Jiajie push car Wenhan

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At present, for the Chinese women’s volleyball team, after the end of the Chinese women’s volleyball team super league, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is now selecting the new issue of Chinese women’s volleyball team coach, in the era of lang ping, Chinese women’s volleyball team want to in the international arena, to be able to get success, you must in reform, let more Chinese women’s volleyball team have a certain competitiveness.At present, as the head coach of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team, CAI Bin has become the new head coach of China Women’s Volleyball Team, and will lead the National women’s Volleyball Team in the international arena for the second time.Chinese women’s volleyball team defeat after Tokyo, former head coach lang ping has been officially retired, no longer became head coach of Chinese women’s volleyball team, the Chinese women’s volleyball team want to in the international arena to obtain success, will have to change. So, the Chinese society platoon select players began to reform, started training camp, the players rivalries, finally chosen by the manager has, under such a mode,Let some young players, see the hope of competition.Also let CAI Bin choose the right strength of the player more ideas.After taking office, CAI Bin put forward that the most important thing for Chinese women’s volleyball team is to change the spirit and struggle. Only with spirit and struggle can Chinese women’s volleyball team continue to maintain good competitiveness.At the same time, CAI Bin also pointed out that volleyball is a team sport and cannot be played by one core player. Therefore, compared with Lang Ping’s core concept, CAI Bin proposed the concept of volleyball as a whole on the original basis, so as to gain a competitive advantage in the international arena.Has will most likely to develop young players, will abandon the four main lang ping, among them, the twila and Zhang Changning are injury, the two men are not into the squad for the training camp, has will certainly develop young ace spiker, at the same time, the setter in position, has will focus on cultivating new fofao, Ding Xia age still slants big,No longer suitable for the Paris Olympics, so CAI Bin will likely choose to give up Ding Xia.At the same time, in the position of the free agent, Wang Mengjie’s performance, CAI Bin will also be likely to change the main candidate, will re-cultivate the young main free agent, so, CAI Bin after taking office, for the main player lang Ping left, CAI Bin will likely usher in a change of regime.It is worth mentioning that as the former assistant coach of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team, An Jiajie said that Che Wenhan, the main leader of Shandong Women’s Volleyball Team, has certain strength and potential, and will focus on training Che Wenhan.