Can you eat kumquat rock candy without coughing (kumquat rock candy is not suitable for what people eat)

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Kumquat rock candy cough can eat can eat.Kumquat rock sugar, although have certain dietotherapy function, after all, is a kind of food, mainly contains some sugar, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and other essential ingredients, so the kumquat rock sugar in addition to achieve facilitating resolve depression, reduce phlegm, etc, can also to add energy to the body,It restores physical strength and relieves fatigue, so it can be eaten without coughing.Kumquat rock candy is not suitable for what people eat spleen weak qi deficiency kumquat rock candy to eat qi solution fish effect, spleen weak qi deficiency people eat, easy to lead to further loss of qi, aggravate the condition, so it is not suitable to eat.Kumquat rock candy for gingival swelling and pain contains a lot of sugar, and sugar is not only easy to stimulate the broken mouth, but also easy to breed bacteria, so patients with gingival swelling and pain are not suitable to eat.In patients with hyperglycemia, the sugar in kumquat rock candy is also easy to cause blood glucose rise, increasing the possibility of complications, so kumquat rock candy is not suitable for patients with hyperglycemia.The heat energy produced by high sugar of the heat person, but also aggravates the symptoms of body fire, so the crowd in fire is not suitable to eat kumquat rock candy.The practice of kumquat rock candy cough is very simple, directly prepare appropriate amount of kumquat and rock sugar, the kumquat is washed, to seed, and then drain into the pot, at the same time into the rock sugar steam 2 hours or so, until the kumquat becomes crystal clear.Kumquat in Traditional Chinese medicine is a kind of warm, sweet taste, into the lung and gallbladder meridian, has the effect of regulating qi, relieving depression, relieving cough and resolving phlegm, rock sugar is a kind of flat, sweet taste, into the spleen and lung meridian, has the effect of supplementing qi, nourishing the stomach and moistening the lung, so as long as it is fully mixed together, can achieve the effect of relieving cough.What is the action of kumquat some kumquat not only look at cabinet lovely, still have very high nutritional value, can produce jin to quench thirst, invigorating stomach eliminate food, phlegm and so on, besides these effect actually, kumquat still can prevent a cold, maintain cardiovascular function, prevent vascular sclerosis and so on.Kumquat fruit contains rich vitamin C, kumquat and other components, to maintain cardiovascular function, prevent vascular sclerosis, hypertension and other diseases have a certain role.