Deng Tao presided over the 8th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee in 2022

2022-06-05 0 By

On April 1 in the afternoon, the county party committee standing committee of the eighth in 2022 meeting, communicate learning the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee meeting on March 31, spirit, issued by the State Council concerning work safety in production of epidemic prevention and control work notification and tomb sweeping day holiday notice, communicate learning city social governance six key work crucial action task scheduling video conference spirit.To study and deploy the six key work of social governance in our county, production safety, letters and visits to maintain stability, anti-fraud, “three key” work, and grassroots Party organization improvement and quality improvement.County party secretary Deng Tao presided over and speech.The meeting stressed the importance of studying and earnestly implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion on work safety, giving top priority to work safety, and putting the concept of “people and life first” into practice in all areas, links and aspects of work safety.We will coordinate economic development, epidemic prevention and control, and workplace safety, with the courage to take responsibility, the wisdom of scientific prevention and control, and the ability to organize and implement. We will carry out epidemic prevention and control and forest fire prevention with caution, and strive to exchange the index of hard work for the index of happiness and safety of the people.To carry out the safety production “training, investigation, renovation, major breakthrough” as the starting point, strictly implement the “party and government responsibility, one post double responsibility” and “management industry must be in charge of safety, management business must be in charge of safety, management production and operation must be in charge of safety” responsibility system.We will carry out comprehensive safety inspections, promptly address safety risks and hidden dangers, and remain vigilant as we tread on thin ice. We will tighten the responsibilities of leaders, local authorities, industry departments and enterprises, and ensure workplace safety to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.The meeting pointed out that the six key work of social governance is an important measure to improve the quality and consolidate the effectiveness of social governance work in our county.We should firmly establish the idea of “whole county playing chess”, further strengthen organizational leadership, compaction responsibility, strengthen overall planning and coordination, strict supervision and evaluation, strengthen the use of results.Students focus on production safety, road traffic safety, prevent drowning, drug control, anti cheat, letters and stability six key work, short focal control problem, a comprehensive combing short board and weaknesses, firmly convinced that goal, highlight the key industries, key areas and key links, in order to “reset” determination, battle “chart” in energy, focusing on cohesion advances six key work.Meeting requirements, up and down the county should fully know the importance of the “three key”, sober understanding of the current situation, problem orientation, goal oriented, result oriented, stick to the main indicators of economic operation, food production, the traffic problem dense pernicious disease, such as “three two” priority, control task list and work parameter,Pay special attention to the planning, supervision and implementation of the work in charge.To consolidate leadership responsibility, forward command, intensive scheduling and coordination, moving really against the hard to promote the “three key” work, spare no effort to strive for the provincial government to do solid work incentive.To establish the consciousness of striving for excellence to strengthen the effect of accountability, further play the “three key” work assessment of the “baton” “vane”, with strong measures to promote the implementation of the work.The meeting pointed out that community-level Party organizations are the foundation of all the Party’s work and combat effectiveness, as well as the battle fortress for rallying and leading the people in implementing the Party’s theories, line, principles and policies, and carrying out the Party’s tasks.We need to carefully plan and plan special actions to improve the quality of community-level Party organizations, and formulate and improve implementation plans.We need to focus on the clear orientation of community-level party organizations, strengthen the weak links in community-level Party organization leadership and governance, and turn community-level Party organizations into strong fortresses for realizing Party leadership.We need to energize ourselves to take on new initiatives and use Party building to guide the steady and sustained progress of rural vitalization.The meeting also examined other matters.