High appearance level the campus sweet pet drama came again, handsome male god fell in love with lovely lovely female!

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Starring Nam Joo-hyeok and Kim Tae-ri, 25 21 tells the story of a 22-year-old boy and an 18-year-old girl who meet in 1998. After a long time of mutual harm and dependence, they gradually develop a romantic romance.At the beginning of the play is the female master’s daughter in the dance competition, daughter before a player dance skills, such as entering the earth fairy general dance, let her not fight and retreat.She thought it would be meaningless if she could not win the first prize, so she was absent from the competition after watching others’ performances.From this incident, the youngest daughter decided to give up learning ballet for five years, but also ran to her grandmother’s house to escape for a period of time, no dream and do not know what to do in the future, she was in the mother is the heroine’s room rummaging around, unexpectedly turned over her mother’s diary.According to the diary, the student days of the female protagonist is a fencer, so it not only records the daily hard training of the female protagonist, there is a boy silently waiting and dark love.The daughter discovered a new continent and found a quiet place to pore over her mother’s past.In July 1998, she looked from the surface is a careless woman man, in fact, her heart is also a little girl, there is a boy figure lingering in her heart.Especially every Saturday, you can see this boy, so every day she feel very beautiful.In addition, she still has an idol, she dreams of one day can become the idol’s opponent, and she happily on the same stage of a game.Unfortunately, the reality is cruel, the arrival of the financial crisis, resulting in a tight school budget, so decided to dissolve the female fencing department, but she did not therefore give up the dream, but to find a new way out.The new way out was to transfer to the school where her idol was to continue learning fencing, but mom did not allow her this request, and finally had to use all kinds of ways to transfer, such as participating in fighting.And this year’s male hero because of the economic crisis family down and out, but had to do part-time to survive, because the first day of part-time newspaper business is not skilled, resulting in him lost a few minutes late.It is because of these minutes, met and mother quarrel after leaving home she, two people also because of a bronze statue fight mouth for a while.Although the male hero became a downcast childe, he did not abandon himself, but contracted a part-time community.There are wonderful and good-looking story behind, like you can go to see.