Home is ready (tears in my eyes)

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All of a sudden you’ve been studying away from home for another year.In the hustle and bustle of the Lantern Festival, we are reluctant to part to see off, the figure is gradually far away, until the road turn no son, still do not want to return to the intersection!When the summer vacation arrived, the epidemic broke out in Zhengzhou. Some people from the sixth hospital of Zhengzhou in our neighboring village were included in the control area.For the safety of my son, but also for the need to fight the epidemic, and we missed the summer vacation.Who knows, summer vacation not only epidemic, but also flooding.Although we are located in a mountainous area, floods are not as terrible as those in big cities.But our house is in the river, due to many years of no flood, the river has been disrepair, weeds and thorns, sundry everywhere.The raging flood swept down the river with trees, weeds and rocks of all sizes.The rain was very heavy, the wind was very strong, and the water roared and flooded my vegetable patch, right up to the fence.I’m worried about the water.When my son saw the photos I took, he told me to hurry back to the house and not stand by the fence.At that time, I thought if only my son were at home!The wind and rain knocked the leaves off the roof, on the yard, and soon all over the ground.Leaves with the water rushed to the sewer mouth, I worry about the outlet is blocked, have to keep cleaning leaves.I think if my son is at home, I will not have to work and worry about the girl in the house afraid!Thanks to the easing of the rain and the dredging of the river, the river levelled off.But the dike on the west of your father’s hospital has been destroyed a lot, so that after the heavy rain, many people are feeling: to hatoyama Street to see yongquan River choppy, muddy waves empty the unprecedented flood!I would like to say that although spectacular, but more palpitations!Unfortunately, the summer vacation that we could get together was completely cut off because of the epidemic and the flood. We had to continue to endure the time of separation, but we harvested the care of our son, which was also the psychological comfort that we could not get together!It was not easy to look forward to the winter holiday, but the accident happened first.After the New Year’s day, the epidemic came unexpectedly, so that we immediately in yuzhou emergency containment control state.Your father has been too busy to come back home since he went to the city epidemic prevention and control headquarters on January 2nd.Your grandfather was in the hospital all day doing nucleic acid tests, too busy to care about home.I have to get online every day at home, change homework;Busy housework to take care of girls;And follow orders to get your grandma and Niuniu tested in time.Not only busy every day, but also worried about your father and grandpa in the front line of the fight against the epidemic.To tell you the truth, I really want you to come home and give me a little help!I remember that during the epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival of 2020, your father was also busy at the hospital all day. Fortunately, you gave me a lot of help and comfort.Let me feel that there is a son in the side, there is a rely on the same, the heart no longer panic and uneasy!But this year’s epidemic is different from 2020, this time our Yuzhou belongs to the high-risk area.After more than half a month of hard work, China’s fight against the epidemic has made a fundamental improvement, but now it is like “darkness before dawn”. Only in this way can we win a complete victory at an early date.See the municipal government and the town government issued a “letter to relatives and Friends outside”, I have to consider your safety, but also the current severe anti-epidemic situation, but also temporarily put down my heart looking forward to your home, let you calm down in school, dispel the idea of going home.I am also well aware that you have been paying close attention to the epidemic here.Ask about food at home from time to time.Told me not to be too tired, also warned niuniu to be obedient, do not make me angry!Also said you have grown up, do not have to worry about you, even if not home, it is not a big problem, their own school New Year can also.Also said that a classmate invited you to their home, will not be cold Spring Festival.Hearing your plan, I am happy for your independence, but at the same time, my heart can not help but a little lost.I feel my son has really grown up. When I was a child, I took care of him every day.Kindergarten, carrying the morning and evening shuttle;Primary school, although need not pick up, but also accompany every day;Junior high school, followed me to school, never separated;When I was in high school, I met each other on two weeks.College, half a year to come home.Want to, as the child grew up, is a step by step away from me, our time together less and less.But this year, the summer vacation did not come back, the Spring Festival does not come back, think about the separation of time is too long, from the heart is still difficult to accept.Considering that my son has already arranged his own vacation, it is also a good time to get along with his classmates’ families. I hope my son can be polite and hardworking and be liked by others.It’s kind of a new experience!Son, now yuzhou epidemic prevention and control to the time of the general attack, every Yuzhou people must continue to bite the bullet and stick to it, can not be taken lightly.For those of you out there, just be patient and hang in there.With our yuzhou concentric with the same force, until the release of the seal, will be able to smoothly reunite.Here, in the face of the improved situation of the epidemic, I cannot help writing a poem to express the expectation of victory in the fight against the epidemic and the desire of my son to come home and reunite.The time for children to return from yu’s disease has not yet been set, and the COVID-19 epidemic is coming with urgency.As the whole nation fought the epidemic with one heart, my son postponed his return home.Dayu medicine king town in the city, disease retreat is waiting.I only look forward to the end of the epidemic in the spring, and then the fight against the epidemic at home.Stop writing, do not miss!About the author: Hou Qiaoxian, Chinese teacher in Central School of Mojie Town, Yuzhou City, Henan Province.Love mountain village this piece of education hot land, stick to the countryside for more than 20 years, devoted to the cause of Chinese education.Love reading, love writing, love children, love family!Some works were selected as “Fragrance of Division Ink”.