I looked at my circle of friends before the epidemic

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During the first weekend of April, the temperature reached 30℃.Sudden good weather, but because of the epidemic can not swim.My colleague checked my moments several times and said that I miss my life two years ago.Yes, those days of not wearing masks, Shouting crazily in concerts, just walking away, are not comfortable now.We collected stories from many friends to capture the happy moments before the epidemic.This photo was taken in the last summer before the epidemic in 2019. I climbed Mingyue Mountain with my friends and met a group of lovely boys on the way.Three years have passed in the twinkling of an eye.This photo was taken in 2018 ·18 while vacationing with her boyfriend in Bali, Indonesia, near sunset.I wonder when I can travel abroad with him again.·20 years and sisters in songya Lake photo, sunshine, sand, pleated skirts, and wanton running of us.In the National Day of 2020, when the epidemic was under control, we picked up the strategy again and finally clocked in Lijiang.This photo was taken during the Spring Festival of 2019. I was playing with my family in Chimlung, Zhuhai. I went diving in Menado, Indonesia with my sister on a whim.· I used to like traveling abroad the most, Boracay Island in the Philippines is really beautiful, there are a lot of delicious food, I really want to eat again.· I went to Zhuzhou that day and played a lot of projects with him in Fangte. Later, when the epidemic started, we ended up.· Every concert is probably a large “face base” scene.April 14, 18, friends from all over the world meet on this day, together with the room, together with the night chat.In the days after the outbreak began, fortunately, there were mayday’s songs, and they had become the background music of my life.I just don’t know when the next scene will be.· Before the outbreak began, I went to Wugong Mountain with my friends and took this picture at dawn.Later, we went our separate ways and met with the epidemic, so we didn’t get together for a long time.· In 19, I went to the live concert of The Band “Lose Train” with my friends. Tears welled up in my eyes as soon as the music started.At that time, people dared to put their hands on the shoulders of strangers, and a group of people lined up to drive a train together. There was no epidemic, full of youth.In 2019, I went to listen to Jay Chou with my girlfriend at Changsha Helong Gymnasium.Give me time for a Song, Wait for you after class…That’s my most romantic memory.When the epidemic is over, I hope I can listen to Eason Chan, Jj Lin and Pu Shu with her.· The most popular place to play in university is the Window of the World.20 Years of Halloween, and the super handsome little brother get photo.· In 20 years, I went to Chongqing, where I had always wanted to go, and I came across a painter on the street.At that time, I really felt that this is a city full of artistic atmosphere.After the pandemic, the most frequented taverns also closed.I still remember my reunion with my classmates in ’19. If there is no epidemic, I must raise a glass to celebrate with them again!· For the first time, I prepared to take wedding photos of a couple with a small team. I was very tired and satisfied.Because there is no epidemic, we shoot everywhere, but now, we can only shoot at home.The graduation photos taken in 2019 ·20, taken in 19, my favorite is this one.Small people make up a small world, miss the campus time forever.· Due to the epidemic, I couldn’t go home during the holiday, so I dug up the group photo taken at my grandparents’ home during the Spring Festival.The usual pleasure of eating, drinking and talking together is hard to come by now.When can we go back to the days when you can go home with an ID card?My dog Gou, who accompanied me for many years, was my deskmate when I took online classes at home in 2020.Originally this year qingming holiday plan to go home, but because of the epidemic can not leave long.I hope the epidemic will pass as soon as possible and I will spend more time with my dog.19 “Military Training”, taken by @xx in 2019, from the 18th session of civil Affairs, when I was helping the children in the 19th session of the school, I tanned several degrees.However, I heard that the 20th year of children even worse……· In the past, I had nothing to do in the afternoon. I always liked to go to the park and watch the chess players intently.As New York 毑, it is as new as dancing, as New York as New York with children, and as New York as New York as walking around bored.But now people are too afraid to go out.· Every time juzizhoutou fireworks start, I know there will be a traffic jam along the Xiangjiang River.These belong to changsha’s unique nightlife and I really miss them.// Before the epidemic, there were so many happy moments in my circle of friends.The daily life of those who have been turned over and over to miss a thorough, and we can grasp, only now.April is sunny and spring is sultry. I believe that the clouds will open and the epidemic will be scattered, and then we will meet for a fireworks show on earth.-END-