It’s been a long time since World Yoga Day was this confident and happy

2022-06-05 0 By

620 Go to PURE Yoga’s patio Yoga session…I really haven’t practiced yoga for a long time, AND I found that every photo today, I can’t help smiling!In a flash!A few years ago, I still insisted on going to yoga classes every morning. I still remember walking on the forest road with birds singing in the morning light in my Leggings. I gently walked into the classroom, laid cushions and AIDS, chanted, and slowly opened my body and felt light…The two years when I practiced yoga every day were the two years when I had the most beautiful posture, the most self-discipline, and the most confidence.Remember what the yoga teacher said, when you open your body, you release your emotions.This process is like clearing away the rocks blocking a river, leaving you feeling and feeling light.It was through this discipline that I began to see natural food as my guru- and that I began to change my relationship with food;I became disciplined — practicing at 7 o ‘clock every day, rain or shine;I became so flexible that I was able to run and bike without injury.I also started practicing yoga to try meditation and have made it an integral part of my life now.After participating in the activity on the way home, I have silently opened PUREYoga to look at the class schedule, this year’s desire is another one, to resume regular yoga practice.Come on!