Ling Yunnuo is sought after as the first country wind b female game?Player: eat ugly, pure cut leek

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In recent years, the female market scale is expanding in the game, to attract large and small companies take the lead, want a spoonful of cake,, according to data from 2023 women to the mobile game market size is expected to reach billions of market, so the good situation, every year there are many women to advance wave upon wave game, however, is difficult to reappear the love and the producer that phenomenon.Time into 2022, once launched “Floating life for Qing Song” friendship time out of new work, launched the national style b female game “Ling Yunuo” after the end of January public test, due to the strong publicity, the main “national style social” theme is novel, after the opening of the year into the vision of many female players, after a trial play,Some people even praised it as the first female game in China, but is it really that strong?Although Ling Yunnuo performed well at the beginning, as players continued to play, they found that the game had a lot of flaws.Online, a “Ling Yunuo” old players posted: “is a pure cut leek game, do not play, play will be pit.”Did not expect such a Posting caused a lot of players resonance, we have to show up to prove that “Ling Yunuo” really pit.Some player said, his server list, 20 days on the change of 5 number master, it shows that the loss of game players more serious.And “Ling Yunuo” the main problem, is the opening of a few beautiful pictures, attract players into the pit after the beginning of the page game as routine — combined service, family war, support, eating quite ugly……If you don’t make enough money, you’ll get shot by the boss, and in this case, the average player will have to run away.Can only say, from the development of page games to the friendship of time, mobile games still continue to cut leek routine, the choice is to earn fast money route, so the game has so many slots in the expected.Comparatively speaking, female games developed by DACHang are more reliable. For example, Tencent’s Love of Light and Night, released last year, failed to become the second love, but several beautiful men are still very attractive, and players will not worry about the risk of cheating KKR and official trust.At the end of last year, NetEase also launched a mobile game featuring immersive experience in the entertainment industry, “Absolute Interpretation”, which topped the free list of the App Store after its launch, with strong performance and exceptional game quality.”Absolute deduction” is a show business ecology as the background, focus on the portrayal of the growth process as an actor, she also bid farewell to the silly white sweet set, but a mature female double business online, in the face of the entertainment industry mixed fish and dragons, to deal with the leisurely.In order to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry, excellent acting is the absolute truth, so the official game built a large number of high-quality scripts, including martial arts, love, fantasy and other themes, convenient for players to try different types of roles, constantly hone, improve their acting.Overall, there are a lot of female mobile games to choose from in 2022. “Ling Yunuo” has a good start, but if the later operation of the game may not go too far, and the big factory with good money seems to be more reliable, so which female hand will you choose in 2022 to swim into the pit?