National “Excellent Team”!The huke Spark volunteer teaching team was commended again

2022-06-05 0 By

Xianning network news (reporter Du Peiqing correspondent Tian Li) recently, from the central Propaganda department and other 15 departments selected to display 2021 national culture, science and technology health “three to the countryside” activity “demonstration project” “excellent team” and “service model” list, Hubei Institute of Science and Technology spark support teaching team selected “excellent team” list.Hubei Institute of Science and Technology Spark Volunteer teaching team was established in 2011. For 11 consecutive years, it has carried out comprehensive and in-depth volunteer teaching activities in more than 20 rural primary schools with backward basic education in Gansu, Qinghai, Anhui, Henan, Hunan and Hubei provinces.The team has created a unique “3+ volunteer teaching mode”, namely “post volunteer teaching” + “Network live course volunteer teaching” + “rural summer camp volunteer teaching” three theme modules, and flexibly match corresponding volunteer teaching projects based on the actual situation, realizing the long-term volunteer teaching goals of sowing dreams, irrigation dreams, caring dreams and connecting dreams.In the past 11 years, the team has more than 500 young volunteers, providing continuous teaching services for more than 9,000 rural children, with a total effective service time of more than 120,000 hours.The team also actively raised funds, made extensive use of social resources, through their own charity sale activities and public welfare organizations and other platforms, accumulated donations of about 300,000 yuan.Spark more than ten years, harvest is full.In 2013, the team won the “Akzo Nobel Award for Social Welfare for Chinese College Students” nomination award;From 2013 to 2018, won the title of Excellent Social Practice Team of Three Rural Areas for College Students in Summer vacation in Hubei Province for six consecutive years;In 2017 and 2019, he won the league central committee “Excellent Team of National College and Technical Secondary School Student Volunteers’ Summer social Practice activity of” Three Rural areas “, and the Excellent Report Award of “Three Rural Areas in lens” of China Youth Network.In 2019, it won the title of Hubei Province Top Ten College Students’ Social Practice Team and outstanding Team of “Storyfield Children’s Philosophy Reading Public Welfare Platform” Rural Summer Camp;In 2020, he won the title of “Excellent Volunteer Team” and “Three-star Association” of Xi ‘an Ant Charity Foundation, and the title of “Excellent Partner” of Public Welfare Foundation after graduation.In 2021, it won the honor of Xianning May 4th Red Flag Youth League Branch, and was selected as the Central Dynamic Youth League Branch and the gold medal dynamic Youth League branch of hubei Provincial Party Committee.