Can the electronics factory carry mobile phones?Why not?

2022-06-06 0 By

Mobile phone has become a part of our lives was jokingly said: the biggest farmer who is not in the modern room, CheHu, overtime households but ten men inside will have eight people – a “mobile phone maker” a lot of people left the phone, would be insecure when electronics factory recruitment Many friends will ask such a question: can this factory with mobile phone?Can’t?Even though people rely on mobile phones now and work in most electronics factories, they still can’t bring mobile phones into the workshop. Not all factories have such requirements, but nine times out of ten. Why on earth?Reduce electromagnetic interference mobile phones are radiation, and electromagnetic interference will interfere with the workshop electronic parts, affect the normal operation, in order to reduce the damage to electronic products, many electronic factories are not allowed to bring mobile phones into the workshop.Many production processes or technologies in the workshop are confidential and are not allowed to flow out. Mobile phones are prohibited to prevent taking photos and video recordings. Allowing mobile phones will increase management difficulties, so it is directly prohibited.Improve the work efficiency electronics factory working mode of the basic work for assembly line, if mobile phones will work scattered attention, open an uninteresting facts from time to time, in the event of this kind of situation will definitely affect the speed of the whole assembly line, serious can cause product accumulation, for this reason, also prohibit employees carry cell phone into the workshop.To work in the factory is to make money, since the choice of the factory, we suggest that we still strictly abide by the rules and regulations in the factory, and make money is the right choice.