Spring to encourage high Chinese medicine has a trick

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Spring grows in summer, autumn harvests in winter.Spring recovery, Yang qi rising, is a good time for children’s growth and development.So how to grasp this golden season, help children grow up?Below, we introduce several traditional Chinese medicine to encourage the characteristic method.Massage this method mainly through special massage on specific acupoints, in order to strengthen the spleen and kidney, so as to achieve the effect of promoting growth and development, disease prevention and treatment.The specific operation methods are as follows: Tonifying the spleen along the radial edge of the thumb, pushing from the fingertip to the root direction, each operation for 3 to 5 minutes, can improve the spleen and stomach, promote digestion and absorption.Tonifying kidney is pushed along the palm fingertip of the little finger to the direction of the root of the finger, 3~5 minutes each operation, can nourish the kidney and brain, strong bones and muscles.According to the massage yongquan point yongquan point in children’s foot palm heart before 1/3 and after 2/3 of the depression at the junction of the thumb rubbing the point 3~5 minutes, can fire to return to yuan, fuyang.Rub the abdomen with the palm or four finger thread surface gently stick the child’s abdomen, with the navel as the center, do clockwise circular movement.Massage 3~5 minutes each time, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, qi digestion.At night, parents can bubble their children’s feet before going to bed.Perilla leaf, wormwood leaf and ginger can be boiled in water for about 10 minutes, and then the liquid medicine into the children’s feet.Pay attention to the water temperature is not too high, to avoid scalding, soak for 15 to 20 minutes.Soaked feet can warm the meridian and dissipate cold, awake the spleen and strengthen the kidney, strengthen the tendons and strengthen the bones, and have a health care effect on children with spleen and stomach disorders, weak body and low immunity.Food therapy many parents often wonder, every day to their children soup, meat, but how the child eat more thin?In fact, excessive, wrong feeding will lead to the children’s spleen and stomach function damage, unable to transport the nutritional essence, the child will not grow naturally.Usually can give the child appropriate to eat some spleen, kidney, liver food.For example, shepherd’s purse and chrysanthemum Daisy are common vegetables in spring.Shepherd’s purse sweet, flat, can appetizer and spleen, especially suitable for poor appetite, weak digestion of children, parents can give their children pot shepherd’s purse porridge or do shepherd’s purse cake.Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum taste sweet, flat, rich in vitamins, carotene and a variety of amino acids, have runfei xiaoji, qingxie irascibility effect, suitable for spring grumpy, indigestion children to eat.In addition, recommend a medicated food – taizi ginseng, maidong medlar porridge.Practice: take 10 grams of pseudostellariae, 10 grams of medlar, 10 grams of maidong, 50 grams of japonica rice.Radix pseudostellariae and Radix ophiopogonis are boiled with water for 30 minutes, then slag is removed and Chinese wolfberry and japonica rice are added to the porridge.Eat in the morning and evening.This medicated food is especially suitable for children with slow growth and cough.Its 1985 1985 board, Chil Chil, Chil Chil, Chil Chil, Chil Chil