The rain and snow will stop soon!Keep these fire and electricity safety tips in mind

2022-06-06 0 By

Yesterday, your circle of friends was also jinhua “serious snow” flooded the screen?Although the snow is beautiful, its behind the rain and snow frozen defense work can not be ignored.Rain and snow will stop with the upper trough and low-rise shear move east wet area removed from the days of snow and rain tomorrow morning check turned for the better in the New Year the first sunny day will appear in the day after tomorrow oh, everybody can be arranged on the Yin is expected today noon to night sometimes have rain or sleet mountains have sleet or snow there in the evening to the part’s mountainous small to moderate snow snow tomorrow morning check overcast days after the cloudy to overcast in the afternoonSunny to cloudy tomorrow morning, the lowest temperature 1 ~ 2℃ mountain area -1 ~ -3℃ tomorrow, the highest temperature during the day 6 ~ 7℃ in recent days, the highest temperature during the day will rise slightly with the sunshine, but the lowest temperature in the morning is still low to near the freezing point travel, return on the way to pay attention to warm small cloth warm reminder:In cold weather, the use of electricity and fire in homes increases a lot. Some safety risks also increase. When adding clothes in time, you should also pay attention to the safety of electricity and fire.Beware of these fire safety knowledge learning left source | jinhua news to the client Jinhua weather author | Pan Yi TongJun edit | Huang Xiaoru proofing | Du Sheng first-instance | NiHanXia second trial | furien final 丨 wei-dong fan