TheShy plays Thain just to bump into chickens?WBG let V5 1 chase 2 lose their first game of the season!

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In the 2022 LEAGUE of Legends LPL spring regular season, WBG and V5 had a focus battle, both sides also drew a full BO3. In the decider, WBG grabbed the Shilot duo again, with the double poke system of the plane in the middle, and gave TheShy the meat tank to single Thain, while V5 switched to Epheus and chose to swing the wine barrel to the field position.Rich selected in LCK period of the signature hero sword magic!In the line of start, this dish the steady rhythm, no outbreak of head, only 8 minutes when the pioneer valley outbreak, Angel plane in order to support their own ueno, the location of the walk was casa casks caught, successful ER LianZhao with Rookie Lu Xian instantaneous second single damage to the blood, wing was mobbed by WBG ueno Rich sword demons also send head,Both sides play one for one, but WBG is worse and has to give up fighting for the lead!In the middle stage, the DOUBLE poke system of WBG began to gain strength. After the aircraft and Cloud equipment were formed, V5 came under great pressure. When they tried to open the group, TheShy Thain blocked them and ate the skills.V5 in the case of poke residue open group seconds SofM rob failure, Casa blood barrels were also robbed shadow double Q hit accept!The richest man naruto robbery wave handsome operation, let V5 nosuke both killed, hit 0 for 3 after WBG homeotide to Dalong, ON Luo stuck in the dragon pit outside the V5 three people position, didn’t play wild also can’t enter the dragon pit, WBG steady control dalong left a Rich sword magic, the situation took a turn for the worse!After WBG took the Tai Long buff, it broke the two highland routes. In the final small Dragon team battle, TheShy Thane destroyed the V5 formation with his car, Angel plane exploded the charge package and flew straight to the back row. The V5 double C was instantly destroyed and the team battle was defeated.After the five-team match, WBG ended the match and defeated V5 with a one-two match. Crystal, the commentator in the live broadcast at the last moment, also summed up the main reason for V5’s defeat: V5’s second team was too mentality, The Shiloh team was under too much pressure, and V5’s second team lost heart!After the end of the BO3, V5 also ushered in the first defeat of the season. Although the defeat, but in the post-match handshake, Rookie and his old teammate TheShy still gave a warm hug!It was like thain driving into Lucian in the race