Xintian: Red pickled onion busy in spring

2022-06-06 0 By

Massachusetts moment on February 11, – (correspondent He Xun Zheng ren) on February 11, SAN tin county street zhongshan dongsheng farm well, farmers are busy cleaning just back from the fields picking fresh a. chinense, collaboration, will wash of a. chinense with red line pick up, all the “spring” smile the first spring harvest.Spring is a good time to eat a Chinese onion.Every spring, digging a Chinese onion army can always see living in Xintian County Zhongshan street Dongsheng Village Uncle Deng figure.Different from others in the sunny weather when digging wild vegetables, he always after heavy rain the next day to dig a large early onion, Uncle Deng said, after the rain picked back onion, to be cleaned in the first time, so as to avoid water loss, maintain the most pure taste.In recent years, Dongsheng farm added a processing plant, can buy a large number of farmers planted onion.”In recent years, the purchase price of a Chinese onion has been kept at about 2 yuan/jin. The soil here is rich in selenium.Processing of Chinese onion products, mainly exported to Shenzhen and Shanghai.”Dongsheng farm director said.