China beat Japan on penalty kicks to advance to final!Wang Shanshan became the hero, the second half defense strain is too good

2022-06-07 0 By

Beijing time on February 3, the women’s soccer team and Japan’s game, Wang Frost because of injury did not appear.As a result, we were always the underdogs in the first half of the game, after all there was a difference in strength.But in this case, the women’s team was very good and very positive.Despite defensive problems in the first half, Japan scored the first goal.But coming into the second half, we started the game even.At that time, we played a good match on the right side of the Japanese team. Xiao Yuyi crossed the ball and Wu Chengshu scored the equalizer.Only in extra time, the Japanese tactical set piece, and uechi riko fork before the header.In fact, this ball we hope to create offside, but unfortunately their offside line did not do well.However, in the final moments, Zhang Xin’s cross from the left side of the penalty area was tapped into the right of the net by Wang Shanshan.Into the penalty shootout, Japan’s first ball is saved, China’s first hit.The second, the third and the fourth all scored.The fifth ball Japan again hit the fly, Wang Shanshan scored, we advanced to the final.Of course, in the whole match, our ball control rate is indeed worse than Japan, and in the second half, the goalkeeper and defender almost made a mistake, but fortunately, Japan did not score, this goal is too dangerous.But in the second half we were definitely more aggressive defensively.Throughout the second half Japan had few chances to get into the box.And on the offensive side of the cooperation, probably enough to drink a pot of men’s football.More crucial is, the whole spirit of women’s football is to crush men’s football.You know, the women were running all over the field, grabbing the ball, and there was no slack.With some good defense, what if it gets ugly?If we play well defensively, even if it’s foul play, we have a chance to win.Even the women’s coach adjustment is very clear.In the second half, the midfielders went to the recovery point, and then the defenders went up and compressed the space between Japan’s midfield and front court, which also made Japan unable to play the advantage.Plus the women’s restrictions on Miyazawa, it’s very difficult to get the ball every time, and that’s why we defend better.We were able to beat Japan even without Wang Shuang, which was a big boost for the whole team.